Outlaw Lawman Review

Outlaw LawmanOutlaw Lawman by Delores Fossen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One thing you can count on this series is its non-stop action. We’re back in Maverick County this time for Marshal Harlan McKinney story.

The on going story arc of who helped kill the man that ran the group home of foster kids continues on. Harlan and Caitlyn Barnes were both in the home and were “together” when the murder happened. Afterwards when Harlan and his adopted brothers went to live with Marshall Kirby, Caitlyn was sent to another foster home and they lost touch. Caitlyn isnt well liked by the brothers now as she grew up to become a investigative journalist that has done pieces suggesting that Kirby or one of the boys may have had a hand in the murder.

After getting threatening letters and finding out that two girls they were also in the home with have either been murdered or missing she decides to break into Harlan’s house to prove he is the one sending the threats.

Once Harlan convinces her he isnt the one doing it the action and attempts on there lives start. The mystery of what is really going on and who is behind is all wrapped up in a intricate plot. As with the previous books you are guessing right up to the end on who the real bad buy is – cause Ms Fossen loves to throw more than on bad guy in her books 🙂

Cant wait for the next brother/marshall’s story and to get more clues as to what really went on all those years ago.

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