Review of Exposed

Exposed (Tracers, #7)Exposed by Laura Griffin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The CSI investigations is at the forefront in the latest in the Tracers series.

This time its Delphi Center’s forensic photographer, Maddie Callahan whose in the thick of things. After doing a side job of engagement photos Maddie is attacked and her camera stolen. It turns out she may have been a witness to something and not even realize it. It all revolves around a missing witness that was taken near where Maddie was taking the pictures.

The FBI has been trying to bring down a criminal known as the Doctor but there case so far has always fallen apart. When a witness comes to them stating she has information that can bring the Doctor down they are excited but before they can get her into protective custody she is taken. FBI agent Brian Beckman and his partner Sam hopes that Maddie is able to give them some clue as to what happened in hopes they can find her alive.

As usual all the neat things the Delphi Center can do in all forms of forensics made for interesting reading. That would be a cool job to have.

Now for the romance part. Maddie was all over the board with her thoughts and emotions. She had closed herself off to any form of feelings after the death of her daughter 5 years before. This caused the end of her marriage and since then she has thrown herself into her work and nothing else matters. Brian was instantly attracted to her and was very gentle with her recognizing her frailty but she certainly didnt make it easy for him. There were many times I just wanted to yell at him to walk away from her but end the end we get to go on the healing journey with Maddie as she makes the decision to put the past behind and give love a chance.

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