HushHush by Carey Baldwin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A small town tragedy six years ago sets up this mystery that’s full of secrets and complex relationships.

Tangleheart, Texas is the backdrop for what looks like a suicide that affects the lives of many. Charlie Drexler didn’t have a good home life. The one good thing he did have was a friendship with a young quite girl named Anna that he wished could be so much more. After breaking up with his girlfriend Megan and going off to work on the pipelines he returns home after hearing she isn’t taking the breakup well. Before he gets to see her she commits suicide and Charlie leaves Tangleheart and Anna whose always been in love with him behind and joins the Army.

Six years later he comes home hoping to win back the girl he never forgot. But with guilt still deep inside him from Megan’s death and the loss of this platoon in Afghanistan Charlie is still trying to heal emotionally. Anna who’s not ready to forgive Charlie for leaving her all those years ago doesn’t make things easy for him.

Along with Charlie and Anna the supporting cast of Anna’s sister Simone and her husband Nate who was Charlie’s good friend in high school round out what turns into a suspense when Simone goes missing with her young son and Charlie finds out that maybe Megan didn’t kill herself. With an attempt on Anna’s life and the search for Simone the story wraps up with a shocking conclusion.

Even though this was a short novel you still got the feel of a good small town mystery with plenty of angst and a good romance.

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