She Can Scream

She Can ScreamShe Can Scream by Melinda Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Character driven suspense with highly engaging characters and a killer to keep the tension high.

The main characters Brooke Davenport and Luke Holloway are two souls haunted by past tragedies. Sixteen years ago Brooke’s roommate was murdered and it still haunts her today. Along with raising her two kids and teaching she feels she must make young women aware of the dangers that lurk around the corner and teaches a self-defense class. Luke’s tragedy was more recent. Three months ago in the Philippines a terrorist bomb went off in the building he was in along with his assistant. Luke cannot get past seeing her die in front of him.

The two are thrown together when Brooke’s brother who is Luke’s best friend ask him to watch over her while he is deployed. When Brooke stops a killer from taking a young woman Luke’s job changes from watching to protecting as Brooke can’t let go of finding the perp and the killer decides he is going to mess with Brooke’s mind by leaving clues on bodies.

Throughout the investigation we get to see some previous characters from the other books. Police Chief Mike O’Connell and retired detective Jack O’Malley are a big part of the team trying to catch the killer.

Even though the killer/mystery is at the forefront there is also plenty of family time between Brooke and her kids and Luke and his grandmother and both of them having to finally come to terms with the significant things that has affected their lives and the decisions they have made based on those things.

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