Axel by Harper Sloan

Axel (Corps Security, #1)Axel by Harper Sloan

Cindy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

My list of book boyfriends just got longer. Love these over the top alpha males..

Isabelle West met Axel when she was 14. She came from a loving family and he had no family and lived with a crappy foster family. The two fell in love right away and knew they were distend to be together forever. When she was 17 and Axel 18 he joined the Marines and was supposed to come back for her after basics. But as it is stated many times in this book, fate had other plans. Izzies life takes many tragic turns for the next 13 years.

When we meet Izzy its at the end of her marriage to a very abusive man whose final blows leave her both physically and mentally unstable for 2 years after being rescued by two very close friends.

One of those friends works for Corps Security along with other ex-marines. When Izzy gets very upsetting gift from her psycho husband Gage decides it time to bring in Corps Security not knowing that Holt Reid his boss is Izzy’s Axel who she thought was dead all these years and he thought deserted him and married another man.

These two have huge misconceptions about what happened and with seeing Axel again it has set Izzy off on another breakdown and she refuses to talk to him. Even through the mess of pain between them you know that these two never stopped loving each other but are going to have to lance a lot of wounds and get rid of a sick ex-husband to finally get there HEA.

Every one of the guys that work for Corps has a sad history. We don’t get to find out a whole lot about their back stories but enough that you’re hooked and ready for them.

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