Kill Shot by Liliana Hart

Kill ShotKill Shot by Liliana Hart

Cindy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was an exceptionally written book. From the plot to every character the story played out like an awesome spy based action movie.

Gabe and Grace were two of the CIA’s best operatives. Gabe, for his black ops work, and Grace for her skills as a sniper. They not only got married, which is frowned upon in there line of work, but they also had a child which is not a smart thing to do with the amount of enemies that they both get in their line of work. Then two years ago the worst thing imaginable happened. Their daughter was killed as payback for one of Gabe’s ops.

Grace leaves both CIA and Gabe and goes mercenary. All she wants is her revenge and doesn’t care if she is alive at the end of it. Gabe also left the CIA but started his own group of black ops agents called The Collective. When The Collective gets a mission stop a chemical weapon that can cause genocide Gabe decides it time to bring Grace in to help them with their mission and for them to finally come to terms with what happened 2 years ago.

Even though Grace was a deadly assassin and tough as nails on the inside she was a mess. Your heart broke for her for what she was going through emotionally but yet you were also rooting for Gabe who loved her heart and soul and refused to give up on her. Their healing journey throughout the book all while doing missions and having some very hot make up sex was powerful.

The rest of the members that make up The Collective were as badass as Gabe. Well except for the 18 year old computer genius he was more like comic relief. The story from beginning to end just flowed. There were no lull moments. The worst part about the book was it had to end. Looking forward to the next book in this amazing series.

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