Viper by Patricia A. Rasey

ViperViper by Patricia A. Rasey

Cindy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Sons of Sangue have to walk a line between three worlds. They are vampires who come from the bloodline of one of the originals, Vlad III. They abide by rules of not taking blood from just anyone, only from donor’s that have agreed to provide their blood. Then there are the rules of the Motorcycle Club that they must live by. Kane is the president of the MC but often more than not he is breaking his own rules. Along with being vampires and part of a MC they must also coexists with humans without their secrets being revealed.

This story combines all three worlds in an intricate weave. The small town they live in has had three unexplained murders of young blond women. All of whom blood has been completely drained. Where the Son’s are tied in is they are all women who either Kane has been with or are his preferred type. The lead detective and her partner are sure the Sons either have knowledge of what is going on or are responsible. But things aren’t that simple. Ten years ago Cara Brahnam witnessed Kane in the throes of both feeding and having sex. The sex part didn’t bother her but she through she was crazy on the drinking blood part and left town for 10 years. Now she is back as a detective in the small town and is having to face both Kane and vampirism again. What she doesn’t realize is Kane has been just as fascinated with her as she was him.

There are plenty of side plots going on throughout from who is really killing the women and why, to the deals the MC makes with other clubs and Cara having to face facts that she is next on the killer’s list and having to depend on the one thing she has avoided for 10 years to protect her, Kane.

Even though there is some closure at the end of this book there are many threads still left open that ensure many more books to come.

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