Trust Me by Anna Wells

Trust MeTrust Me by Anna Wells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I fell in love with the cover of this book the moment I saw it and once I read the burp, I was hooked and had to read it. Then I discovered that Trust me was Anna Wells first novel and I can honestly say, A JOB WELL DONE, Anna!!!

Alaina Simmons is a lawyer who is defending her late father against accusations of committing act of terrorism and she is running late for her appointment to meet the FBI Lawyer in charge of the case. On top of that, she needs to stop by the store to pick up something for the raging headache.

She becomes so pre-occupied with getting the meds and the fact that she is late, she runs right smack into the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. He, right down to her core, instantly affects Alaina and she allows herself a few minutes of flirting but then she is off and running once again.

As she is getting ready for her meeting with the FBI, Alaina starts having regrets for not getting Mr. Drugstore’s phone number. She doesn’t have long to think about it, because her 9:00 o’clock appointment has arrived.

Enter, Mr. Donovan Prentice, AKA Mr. Drugstore himself. The bantering between these two delicious characters was oh so entertaining. The sexual tension was through the roof. One minute they were debating the merits of the case and the next they were fighting to keep their hands off each other.

What Alaina doesn’t know, is that the meeting in the drugstore that morning wasn’t an accident, because Donovan is really an undercover agent and Alaina is a suspect in the FBI investigation with her father. He has been following her for weeks.

I adored our heroine, Alaina, she was a sexy, strong, confidante and smart women. I also enjoyed the fact that both Alaina and Donovan acted on their desire for each other, while knowledge that they were on opposite teams when it came to their legal case. They were able to separate the two. Personally, I feel the angst between Donovan and Alaina was at a minimum, which is refreshing to read.

The pool scene between Donovan and Alaina was simple, SIZZLING!!!!

However, what would happen once Alaina finds out who Donovan really is and what his real purpose was?

Or what if Donovan discovers that Alaina isn’t as innocent as she appears.

Was her father the criminal mastermind behind terroristic attack on US soil?

And to top everything, someone is trying to kill Alaina.

Just when you think, you have it figure out, Ms. Anna Wells pulls a fast one, and throws in another twist.

As I have stated before, if you looking for a Smoking Hot, suspenseful romance, then TRUST ME by Anna Wells is the perfect book for you.

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