New Release – Pieces of You by Loreth Anne White


From the crossroads of the small town mystery and dark suspense comes a romance that explores the bonds of family, the power of love, and the potentially explosive collateral damage of the secrets we keep…

Sometimes a contract to forget can be as powerful as a promise to remember…

Nine years ago Rachel Salonen and Jeb Cullen were soul mates—deeply, irrevocably in love. Until the night two young women went missing from a party in the woods. One was found raped, beaten and pregnant with no memory of what happened. The other is still missing. A small mountain community was torn apart and a young relationship shattered when nineteen-year-old Jeb was arrested for the heinous crime, and Rachel was forced to help put the man she loved behind bars.

Now, nine years later, Rachel believes she’s finally put the past to rest when her sister dies suddenly in a fire and she’s made guardian of her adopted niece. A child, she learns, who was conceived that terrible night of violence, a child whose DNA was used to convict Jeb. And when Jeb is unexpectedly released from max security, Rachel sees that the past has only just begun…

.… Because Jeb has come straight home to Snowy Creek. To prove his innocence, reclaim his life, his home. And to meet the daughter he learned about in prison. A daughter Rachel will do anything to protect.

And when the town turns violently on Jeb, Rachel will once again be forced to take sides. This time she chooses with her heart. But her decision could cost everything she holds dear—including her niece’s life. Because someone in town will do anything to keep the truth buried…even kill.

Cindy’s Review: An intricate maze that starts with a single person accused of a heinous crime at the beginning of this mystery but soon branches off into a labyrinth of directions that wind down to the center of the truth leaving a wake of collateral damage.

Nine years ago Jeb Cullen was convicted of crime he didn’t commit. A multitude of people testified against him including his best friend who was also the only woman he has ever loved.

When Jed gets released early based on some discrepancies brought to light he vows to return to Snowy Creek and prove his innocence even knowing he is going to get strong opposition from everyone in the small town most of all from all of those that testified against him.

Rachel Salonen thought she and Jed would be together forever until he was arrested for the murder of one girl and the brutal rape of another. Rachel’s testimony about what happened that night and about something dark from his past helped put in him jail. Since then she has moved on and is engaged but when her sister and her husband are killed she is suddenly made guardian of there 9 year adopted daughter and her life takes a different turn.

The author gives us some clues right away as to who some characters are and how they came to be and for the rest little by little she unravels a intricate web with a large cast of characters and many POV’s until all points intersect at the end with insidious effects.

The intricate plot kept me turning to pages and wanting to see how all of these lives that were affected by one night nine years ago were going to collide and what the outcome would be. 

Janet’s Review: “Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive” quote by Sir Walter Scott, is the quotation that come to mind when trying to describe PIECES OF YOU by Loreth Anne White.
And what a web it was! What started out as a small sliver, was quickly woven into a web that traps and destroys everyone what crosses its path.

Pieces of you, opens up full steam running with Rachel Salonen, just having discovered that her sister and Brother-in law where killed in a horrific fire and she was now sole guardian of her niece. To round out the shock of losing her sister, she finds out that her niece, who is adopted, belongs to her ex-boyfriend, the man she was deeply in with and thought she would spend the rest of her life with. The same man, Jeb Cullen that Rachel testifies against 9 years early at his trial for violently raping a woman, her niece’s mother. At the time he was charges with the kidnapping for two young girls, raping one and the other girl was never found. Jeb has always maintained his innocent.

From the moment, I meet Rachel my heart broke for her. To have lost so much and to have this information thrust on her. However, at the same time you see her strength, putting her personal stuff aside to do what’s best for her niece and at the same time losing her fiancé, because he can’t stand the thought of raising a rapist child.

Six months after Rachel and Quinn (very cool name) try to settle into their new life together, they are thrown another curve ball. Jeb has been released from prison and is back in Snowy Creek.  Rachel was lead to believe that Jeb doesn’t know that Quinn is his child, but soon finds out another shocker….Her sister has been working with The Innocence Project, trying to help clear Jeb’s name for the last 5 years and has been keeping him updated on his daughter’s life.

Jeb is back to reclaim his life and unwavering in his quest to prove to the people of Snowy Creek of his innocents. He is going to rattle some cages and find the guilty party.

I couldn’t help but also feel bad for Jeb, so much of his life stolen from him and everyone he knew turning their back on him. But I liked the fact that he hadn’t become a bitter, angry person. Was he resentful at what happen to him, Why yes, but he didn’t let it consumer his life.

Once Rachel and Jeb meet again, the chemistry between them ignites again. The love they had all those years ago has never died, but Rachel is buried under a lot of guilt, as she start seeing enough evidence that she begins to question if Jeb is really guilty or not. She is determined to help Jeb get to the truth, no matter what that truth made be.

Put on your seatbelts, because it’s one wild ride. Between the different characters that we meet and the sophisticated storyline, there wasn’t a dull moment.

Something that I personally found interesting was the different POV we get in this story. Some are in first person and some are in third person. Being able to read how some many people felt and reacted about what was happening in Snowy Creek, was fascinating to say the least.

All it takes is one small stone thrown at that web for it to unravel and that is what Pieces of me is all about. One man unraveling the secrets that has woven a tangled web of deceit in the little town of Snowy Creek and will affect so many lives.

This is a must read for any lover of romance suspense 


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