Review of Flirting with Texas by Katie Lane

Flirting with Texas (Deep in the Heart of Texas, #5)Flirting with Texas by Katie Lane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once you come under the radar of Ms Hatties Henhouse and the folks of Bramble, TX beware the matchmaking that will ensue.

In this latest installment in the series we get two couple that are ensnared in Ms Millie’s web of meddling.

Beauregard Cates and Jenna Jay Scroggs – In previous book we learned Beau had cancer and went through the horrendous treatment to get rid of it which not only changed the color of his hair to silver but also changed his outlook on life and not for the better. When the last test he’s gotten showed something on the x-ray instead of sticking around and finding out if the cancer was back he decided to run and live hard and dangerously. When Ms Millie asks him to locate another Bramble native who ran from her problems to New York he’s surprised at his reaction to the blonde skinny tomboy who isn’t really his normal type. Jenna Jay never felt like she belonged in her over achiver dark haired family. Because she always felt like she never fit in she’s always fought for the underdog which in her adult years turned into fighting for causes. She’s confused when she gets an invitation from Millie to come back to Texas and become a hen. Neither Beau nor Jenna Jay had any intention of going back to Texas but that choice it taken away from them when they are kidnapped and find their destination to be Bramble and that the town had instigated the kidnapping. Beau and Jenna Jay were two people who did not want to be attracted to each other and fought it but there attraction and the busy bodies of the town made sure that didn’t last for long.

Pastor Robbins and Marcy – There initial meeting in the library was very humorous. Pastor Robbins may be a pastor but he is still a man with carnal thoughts. Marcy has been known as the town tramp for most of her life and most of it her own making. Not having a father figure growing up she tried to fill that void with sleeping with lots of men. When she applies for a job at Ms Hatties Henhouse she mistakenly thinks it really is a house of ill repute and that she is apply for a position of one of the “girls”. Even though she thinks badly of herself she can’t quite bring herself to get in the mood to take her first customer so she goes to Pastor Robbins with a proposition to be her first customer. Yes you read that right she went to a pastor and asked him for sex. The poor man didn’t know what hit him. Marcy had some serious demons she’s always been fighting and it was very entertaining to watch the poor pastor struggle with a few of his own until he finally figured out what Marcy really needed and that it fell in line with what he needed also.

While there was plenty of laughs from the Hen’s and the town folks there was also a lot of serious issues many of the characters had to deal with. The author did a great job of balancing these out to provide another entertaining read.

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