Darkness Unleashed By Stephanie Rowe

Darkness Unleashed (Order of the Blade #7)Darkness Unleashed by Stephanie Rowe

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

~Janet’s Review~

One of the Best Books I’ve read this year…Did something that a book hasn’t done in a long time… Moved me to tears!

Just when I think Stephanie Rowe has written the best book in the Order of the Blade Series, with her last book Darkness Arisen, she goes and writes one even better than the last.

So I’m here to officially declare that Darkness Unleashed is the Absolute BEST in the Series!!

Why do you ask? And here is my honest answer…I have been an avid reader since I was about 12 years ( many ,many moons ago) and it has been a very long time that a story was able to draw out my emotions to the point that I had tears running down my face. Stephanie was able to draw me into the story on such an emotional level that I was able to feel the pain and heartache of the characters. At times, they were tears of sorrow and misery and other times they were tears of over whelming joy.

And for The Calydon Warrior Ryland Samuals, who in the past books of the series, kinda always stay in the background and just making an appearance once in a while, he totally stole the show and my heart.

Ryland was the darkest, most fierce warrior from the order. There was darkness within Ry that the others around him could see and where very cautious in his presences, they were afraid he could snap at any moment. Because of the darkness festering inside Ry, he was the best warrior to track and find Catherine Taylor. The Angel of Death, who Ryland is convinced is the 3rd angel that protects The Order. But Ry also has a secret reason for wanting to find the angel of Death, she could be the key to save him. He had been looking of an angel of Death for the last 1000 years.

However, Catherine is on her own mission, to enter the bowels of Hades to get her daughter back and she is running out of time. Nothing will stop Catherine from saving her child, not the man who betrayed her and took her daughter or the man that is following her. Nothing but saving her daughter matters to her.

As Ryland is following Catherine, he realizes where she is heading as his own struggles with his darkness begin to take a total on him. There is no way that Ryland will allow this to happen. To return from the pit that he escaped a thousand years ago, would destroy him.

Once Ry finally catches Catherine, the connection is instant and strong, it almost overwhelms Ry and Catherine as they try to fight it. Catherine feels safe and protected for the first time since losing her child and Ry feels peace, something he hasn’t felt in a very long time. The sexual chemistry between them is off the charts.

The tension and anguish just leaps off the pages, I even caught myself reading and holding my breath waiting to see what was going to happen next. Both have major trust issues and both have their own agenda. These dark but beautiful souls are hurting on a deep level and my heart broke for them.

They finally come to an agreement, Ry will help her save her daughter and Catherine will return to The Order has their Angel. And just how does Catherine manage this…. She tells Ry that she is the angel that took the leader of the Order’s, Dante, soul and she can get him back.

Ryland has given his life to protect the Order and it’s because of Dante that he escaped the netherworld all those years ago. He’ll do whatever to takes to help the man who saved his life and gave it purpose. Not even the threat to losing his humanity will stop Ry from helping Dante.

Will these two lost souls learn to trust each other in order to achieve their goals, will they learn to work together to save Dante and Catherine’s daughter or will they let their secrets destroy them.

Ms. Stephanie Rowe has created a story that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat from the time you start reading Darkness Unleashed, till the last word. I was left with that great feeling you get after you just rode one of the biggest, loopiest roller coast ride… your legs are wobbly, your inside feel like mush and you have the biggest ear splitting grin on your face.

Every one of my friends can be expecting a Goodreads recommended read of Darkness Unleashed by Stephanie Rowe from me!!!

PS… After I finished the book, I turned back and re-read some of my favorite sections with a huge smile on my face.

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