New Release Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead by Lena Diaz


Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead (The Nursery Rhyme Series, #3)Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead by Lena Diaz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author does a fabulous job of taking us on a journey to figuring out who a serial killer is throughout this book that is both shocking and disturbing.

FBI Special Agent Tessa James has become obsessed with letters the FBI office has received over a 3 year period. Not much is in the letters but a name, part of a nursery rhyme and a symbol. When the FBI can find nothing tangible about the names they decide it’s a hoax and to put it to rest. But Tessa cannot let go of the feeling there is something about these names. When her boss catches her looking over the letters again after he forbade her to he gives her a warning saying you have 7 days to figure out if these letters are of any significance and after that you let it go or else. He also said she had to work with a PI during those 7 days, one she isn’t so happy to work with.

Matt Buchanan is the 24 year old brother of Pierce who we met in the previous two books. He’s a genius that has created the coolest inventions, most not yet patented. He has a lot of businesses and one of them is a Private Investigation firm. He’s always liked Tessa who was his brother’s partner for years but she looked at and always treated him like a child since she was 6 years older than him.

When the first murder happens that they can tie to the letters and a second right after the story really takes off. The author creates this maze with so many twist and turns and at each turn there is a revealing that as the book goes along gets more shocking and at time revolting. Once I was engrained in the investigation and each clue it revealed I couldn’t put the book down for wondering what sick and twisted thing the author was going to throw at Tessa and Matt next.

I really liked the previous two books in this series but I have to say this is now my favorite almost for the shock factor alone of the subject matter.

If you havent read this series yet – here are the first two books you dont want to miss

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (The Nursery Rhyme Series, #1)He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not by Lena Diaz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book opens with the killer posing his latest victim in the park. She is covered with stab wounds on her abdomen and extremities and deep cut on her face from temple to jaw. He puts a single red rose in her hand with just one thorn left on the rose.

Police Chief Logan Richards grew up in Shadow Falls and was a beat cop who made a rookie mistake that let a killer go free. To punish himself he moved to New York City and became a detective in one of the roughest precincts. Many years later after his marriage failed he came back to Shadow Falls and took the Police Chief position. He still feels an enormous amount of guilt for that rookie mistake. After realizing that this latest murder is the same as the ones that happened 4 years ago he calls in the FBI. He also realizes that the one survivor from those killings years ago could now be in danger.

Four years ago, Amanda Stockton along with her best friend was abducted and forced to play a sick version of he love me, he love me not – the killers version is the pluck the thorns from a rose saying he kills me, he kills me not. She got away from the killer but not before he carved her body and face and killed her friend. Since then she retreated from the world to scared to be around people and also embarrassed for other to see the scar on her face. But when she hears on the news that another woman has been found dead, and a long-stemmed red rose was in her hands, she knows the killer is back.
The author pretty much gives us a big clue as to who the killer is right off the bat but that didn’t make the story any less suspenseful.

Amanda has the usual hang ups you would expect from a woman who had been abducted and tortured and having to watch as her friend is killed. She is very leery of Logan and FBI Special Agent Pierce Buchanan (who is the hero in the next book along with Logan’s sister who we also meet in this book). At first she wants nothing to do with helping them but decides it time face her fears and leave her self imposed prison. Logan has his fare share of hang ups too. He feels an extreme need to protect Amanda but misinterprets a lot of her signals pretty much from the beginning to the end due to not being able to let go of guilt from things in the past. Thank goodness Pierce was there to slap him upside his head a few times.
Simon Says Die (The Nursery Rhyme Series, #2)Simon Says Die by Lena Diaz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was so different than the first one I had to keep checking to see if I was reading the right book. I really liked the first book but it was a much more serious romantic suspense book. Not much humor in it. This one I was cracking up in the first chapter.

Pierce Buchanan, the FBI Special Agent we met in the first book, has been asked by his best friend Logan to check up on his sister Madison. Madison and Pierce had a little romance (which was between the two books) and she had broken things off with him and left FL. Turns out they both ended up in Georgia and didn’t know it. Madison is quite the fire cracker and keeps everyone around her on her toes.

Here is an example of the humor – Pierce is about to knock on Madison’s door

“As he raised his hand to knock on Madison’s door again, a man darted around the corner of the house from the backyard and ran to the road out front. A woman with shoulder-length dark hair ran after him. Pierce clenched his jaw. No point in knocking again. Madison wasn’t home. She was chasing a man down the street.”

This results in Pierce getting shot. It turns out Madison has had a stalker and she’d had enough. But the police in Savannah, GA think she is a quack. Every time she has called them out to her house he is gone and there is no trace of him. They even think she has typed the letters she has received to.

Pierce is torn with his feelings toward Madison. On the one hand she ripped his heart in two when she walked away from him and on the other he promised her brother he would keep her out of trouble. That turns out to be a very difficult task as trouble seems to follow Madison where ever she goes.

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