Review: Blame It On Your Heart by Jami Alden

Blame It On Your Heart (Big Timber, #1)Blame It On Your Heart by Jami Alden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

High school sweethearts who had their lives planned together have a fight which changes the course of their lives. Ellie Tanner ends up going to the east coast to school and eventually marries someone else and has a son. But the man she married swindled millions from their friends and then died in a car accident leaving her with the shame of what he had done and penniless. She has no choice but to return her mother’s and to the hometown where her heart was broken all those years ago.

All Damon Decker wanted Ellie to do was wait for him for two years while he went into the Army. But do to her own father being in the service and never around eventually leaving she didn’t want to live the life her mother lived and in her immature mind she gave Damon a ultimatum that he couldn’t live with nor forgive her for putting him in that position.

When Ellie gets to town she finds out that the family owned restaurant her mother and sister run is now also partially owned by Damon. Damon’s is not ready to forgive and forget. These two, even when they were at odds, were off the charts with sexual chemistry and its not long before they are going hot and heavy but not really dealing with their past issues.

There are lots of secondary characters. One of Damon’s Army buddies is the cook at the restaurant and he and Ellie’s sister are constantly bickering but you can see these two totally want each other but she is determined to marry the guy she has been chasing since high school even though he wont commit to a date. Most of the couples from the Private series either make an appearance in this book or are mentioned.

Even though you wanted to hit Ellie and Damon over the head a few times to get over there fear of the other one hurting them again and just admit they were soul mates this was a very enjoyable read that had both heartfelt and laugh out loud moments. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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