Review: Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage

Price of a KissPrice of a Kiss by Linda Kage

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a poignant love story between two people who bring such an emotional response from you as a reader for what looks like a tragic story.

The hero of this book was the son of mother that was trying to work two jobs to make sure her young daughter who had MS would get the help she needed. In doing this she neglected the little things like paying the rent and bills. Mason Lowe was an innocent 18 year old when the landlady proposed to him a deal. She would wipe his mother’s debt clean if she became her boy toy. Your heart broke for Mason as he saw no other way out of the desperate situation his family was in. From that point Mason became a gigolo to pay the bills and for his sisters care.

Think his story is tragic – lets get to the heroine, Reese Randall . She starts dating a guy when she is a freshman in high school. Through the next four years the abuse ramps up him almost killing her. For her safety her parents send her to live with her Aunt and Uncle and legally change her name. She is in college now along with her cousin and trying to accept all the changes when she sees the most beautiful man she has ever seen. But her cousin waste no time in informing her of the rumors surrounding him of what he is.

From here these two lost souls embark on a road to a friendship that stands up to any and all criticism from their peers and his clients. Even though the book is in Reese’s POV except for the prologue you FEEL Mason’s pain and suffering every time he is on the page. The author’s writing was so impactful where Reese, Mason and his sister was concerned it was like you were personally feeling every emotion they were.

Its always a joy to find treasures like this book to read. If your looking for a moving and touching love story I highly recommend this book.

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