Reviews for A Righteous Kill


Janet’s Review: This page-turning story follows FBI agent Luca Ramirez as he chases John the Baptist, a serial killer through the streets of Portland, Oregon. Luca thinks he just found JTB’s seventh victim, until the startling discovery is made…. She is still alive. No longer a victim, but now a witness, this may just be the break that Luca has been waiting for in his yearlong search for the reclusive killer.

But what Luca finds are more mysteries to un-ravel, starting with the his witness, Hero. She doesn’t fit the profile of the past victims. So what is her connection with this deadly predator? And why does she make his blood boil with a passion he has never felt before?

Luca knows that Hero’s life is still in danger and will do whatever it takes to save her, while hunting down John the Baptist. But at what cost?

From the moment, I started reading A Righteous Kill, Kerrigan Byrne immediately grabbed my attention… it like grabbed me by the throat and making me NEED to read on attentively right until the very end! Twist after twist, Ms. Kerrigan weaves together a devastatingly incredible mystery that includes historical and religious references, along with other ancient tidbits, some centuries old. It was meticulously written with imbibing details, in such great depths, structurally creating a picture with mere words.

Both Hero and Luca were incredibly flawed but strong characters, the connection between them almost instant, as they worked together to capture this deranged monster, who was crucifying young women and throwing their bodies in the river. A killer merely steps ahead of the FBI as he starts taunting them with clues that leads Luca and Hero on a breathless journey. Each having to face their worst fears and learning to trust.

“A Righteous Kill” left me flabbergasted to the core and was an amazing start to a wonderful new series by Kerrigan Byrne. I can’t wait to read about the rest of Hero’s awesome family, who we meet throughout this book.

Cindy’s Review: A killer who nails women to a cross and stabs them and has been named John the Baptist is the focus of this suspense. FBI Special Agent Luca Ramirez arrives at the scene of what he assumes is the next victim of the serial killer he has been trying to catch for a year. But to everyone’s shock she is alive. Hero Viola Katrova-Conner has no idea who the man was that tried to kill her, all she knows is she trusts Agent Luca with her life. When Luca’s boss assigns him and his partner to stay with her until the killer is caught, Luca struggles with the strange emotions Hero brings out in him. Luca was raised in violence and he knows that is a part of his DNA so he lives the job and has no time for relationships.

After we are a couple chapters in, the hunt to figure out who the killer is stays focused on those closest in Hero’s life. Some of these people are not who you would expect to see on a suspect list. But as the story unfolds the true origins of the who/what/and why are both shocking and disturbing. There were many facets interweaved in this story. Along with the hunt for the killer, Hero’s Irish family also plays a big part. She has many brother’s who have secondary roles and whom I assume will be getting their own stories in the future.

I was confused with the prologue but after the fourth chapter the writing and language use changed and flowed wonderfully to the last page, I look forward to reading the future stories about the Katrova-Conner family.


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