Review of Never Say Never Series

These 4 books are about two people in their twenties whose souls are lost and broken. We go on the journey of Never and Ty from their first meet to being married with a child. Their journey was not an easy one and even though by the end of the 4th book they are married with a son they are still struggling with the demons of their past but also know that they are two halves of a whole and love each other enough to try to make a better life for themselves and their child. Each of the book ends basically in the middle of a scene and the next book picks right back up exactly where the last book ended. This would have probably driven me nuts if I was reading before all the books were out but since they were all out I read all 4 books back to back and loved every minute of them.

There is a quote from the first book that was a poster on the wall in a clinic that sums up Never Ross and Ty McCabe at the time.

“Do you feel alone? Do you use sex as a way to connect with strangers? Have your desires motivated you to seek sex with people you wouldn’t normally choose? How about in places or situations you wouldn’t normally choose? So your sexual encounters leave you at risk for STDs, unwanted pregnancies, rape or violence? Have you ever had a sexual encounter that has left you feeling hopeless or alienated? Suicidal?”

Tragic things from their childhood have Ty and Never using to sex to numb their pain. He lived for a time as a prostitute and she screws every wrong man she can find. When they first meet its instant dislike or so they think. But what it really was two people recognizing the other half of themselves and at first not liking what they saw. But it’s not long before they both realize that they need each other but not in their typical sexual way. The two embark on a journey of healing. In this first part they make the decision to first get tested for every disease known to see if they have given themselves a death sentence by their sexual history. Once they get the results they then start going to a sex addicts group.

Both Never and Ty know they need to lance the infected boils of their past so they can bring it all out in the open and from there start the healing process. We get the start of Never’s story but this book ends with her really just beginning her journey.

The second book is mainly about Never’s journey back home to face her past. Ty has decided he isn’t going to let her go alone and takes the journey with her.  Never is at first conflicted with this as one of the things she needs to face is the sweet boy she left in high school Noah Scott who was her first love and one she has always wondered about. Her biggest demon to face is her mother. A woman who chose not to believe her own daughter when she told her that the man she was going to marry killed her father right in front of her. When her 6 other sisters chose not to believe her either this was the start of Never’s journey to hell. When she gets home she realizes her mother has had another child and that her oldest sister now has a child. Ty in this story was like the glue for Never. I loved that he came with her because he has realized that he loves Never heart and soul and he defends her against  anyone that says hurtful things to her in her family. He also has to sit front row as Never deals with her feelings for Noah. It was heartbreaking to watch and with Noah being such a nice guy you couldn’t just hate him on principle but he’s too nice a guy and just not what Never needs anymore. But it doesn’t take Never long to see that she isn’t the same girl she was all those years ago and that she is in love with Ty. This quote from the books sums them up

“Ty gets me. He gets that I am fucked up and he knows I know that he’s just as screwed up, so we work together, him and me.”

The third book has Never and Ty in New York after the death of his mother. This is where we find out all of Ty’s ugly painful history. Ty’s mother was never a good woman but when she married a pedophile this was the start of Ty’s decent into hell. Ty takes Never on a “tour” of his life little by little giving her all the gory details. It was great to see that Never had healed enough to finally be the one that is there for Ty to bring him back from the brink each time he shows her another layer of his past. When the reach the end are Ty and Never suddenly healed from all the pain from their past. No. But the bond between then was certainly stronger as it needed to be as they are about to be parents. Something that scares Never and brings up a lot of her insecurities but Ty is ready to face the challenge head on is nothing but loving and supportive to Never.

The fourth book (which is also the first book in a new series that will be about Never’s sisters) shows us where Ty and Never are after having the baby. Never is struggling with motherhood and still doesn’t think she deserves to be one nor does she think she can be a good one. The two are trying to make of go of it in New York but things aren’t working out very well and Ty’s past keeps showing up. They eventually end up going back to where her sister’s live. This was a great catch up to where Ty and Never are in their relationship and shows us how great a father Ty has become and that he still love Never so deeply and is constantly showing Never that she deserves to be loved and he is the man to prove it to her.  Through out this book we got the set up for the next book which will be Never’s sister Zella and Noah.


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