Review: Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde

Reaper's Legacy (Reapers MC, #2)Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fan-tab-u-lous.. I missed these guys and was entranced turning the pages from beginning to end.

The heroine Sophie knows nothing about the life in a MC club. How it touched her life was being involved and with a getting pregnant at 17 by the step brother of Ruger who is part of the Reapers MC. Ruger has always known his Zach was a loser and has made it mission to look over Sophie and her son who he helped deliver in the back of a truck.

When his nephew calls scared from his babysitter’s house and Ruger sees firsthand how Sophie and Noah are living he lays down the law and says she is moving in with him. These two are really complete opposites and you wonder how a relationship would even work between them. He is a Reaper through and through and has no desire to ever settle down with one woman but he loves his nephew and has always had a soft heart when it comes to Sophie.

Sophie’s too has had a crush on Ruger since she first met him at 17 but even though he trips her internal trigger he and his life in the club scare her and she doesn’t want her son growing up around that. These two stay pretty firm on their convictions even though the chemistry between them is hot. As a reader we got to go along with Sophie in learning about the life a woman in a MC club. That some of her preconceived notions may not be correct.

There is quite a bit of face time with the Reapers enemies Devil Jacks. We met Hunter who tries to barter a deal with the Reapers for peace to deal with a new threat to both of their clubs. But Hunter has an ulterior motive we aren’t privy to yet. But there is something going on between him and Em (who is Picnic daughter – the president of Reapers) that this not being there book we didn’t get to any POV as to what went on with them which about drove me nuts.. I cannot wait to read their book which is next.

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