Review: The Trouble with Tomboys by Linda Kage

The Trouble with Tomboys (Tommy Creek, #1)The Trouble with Tomboys by Linda Kage

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very enjoyable read from start to finish. Refreshing change to have a heroine be a total card playin, cigar smoking, tomboy who flies her own plane for a living. B.J. Gilmore grew up in the small town of Tommy Creek, Texas. She lived her life the way she’s wanted to live it and could give a flyin fig what anyone thinks of her..

Her family runs a charter plane business and her latest job has her flying Grady Rawlings to Houston. B.J. has known Grady all her life and he was married to the woman that baby sit her and her brothers when she was growing up. Two and half years ago Grady’s wife and baby died during child birth and he’s been in a depression ever since and the town hasn’t help any by treating him like he will break. B.J. has no such problem in talking about his dead wife to him nor in telling him it time to get over it and move on. Grady doesn’t quite know how to take this woman who tells it like it is. At first he’s offended that she would get on his case about his dead wife but after a heated altercation these two have a lust filled moment that ends up with her pregnant.

I really liked B.J. She was a hoot to read and had you laughing most of the time. Grady’s journey from mourning to coming back to life was also very well written. This was a great story of two people who couldn’t be more opposite who ended up being exactly what the other needed.

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