Review: Sinful Seconds Boxset

From the six USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors who brought you WICKED FIRSTS, comes an all new contemporary set of six sexy, suspenseful and very SINFUL SECONDS.

From the six USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors who brought you WICKED FIRSTS, comes an all new contemporary set of six sexy, suspenseful and very SINFUL SECONDS.

Sinful Seconds by Elisabeth Naughton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

SINFUL SURRENDER by Elisabeth Naughton
In each of these novelettes about the agents who work for Jake Ryder at Aegis the author gives us a perfect blend of suspense and off the charts sexy romances. This one is about Jake’s sister Grace. It seems she has a stalker of sorts and with her aversion to dealing with anyone in the security field her brother secretly assigns Brian Walker to watch her. Brian has been emotionally closed off for so long that his sudden attraction to this woman who is hands off as she is the boss sister is shocking to him. And when this sweet and naive woman comes on to him wanting a one night stand his resolve doesn’t last very long. It’s not long though before they are reminded that Grace has a stalker and wants her dead.

SINFUL RAPTURE by Alexandra Ivy
Holy smoking hotness.. This one will have you squirming in your chair. After being left at the altar Holly Sullivan’s friend who owns a sex club called The Playhouse convinces her to come and forget about the loser who dumped her. What she didn’t know is that her friend had also informed Laim Conner who Holly hates because her father sold him the casino she thought would one day be hers. But these two have known for a year that there was a spark between them and Liam is tired of waiting for Holly and decides he is going to get her ultimate surrender. But secrets and Holly’s insecurities threaten the life that Liam wants to have with Holly.

SINFUL SECRETS by Cynthia Eden
Even in a short novel Cynthia Eden can give intense. A year ago Catherine Donnelly not only had a hot night of wild sex but she also married the man that was the enemy. She ran out on him the next morning. Now she is back in Vegas because someone is threatening to show a video of that night to world which would ruin her family. She thinks’ its her husband but its not. Jason August has had one goal in mind since he was a boy – to destroy the man responsible for ruining his family – and that man is Cat’s father. He never expected when he met her that she would be his soul mate. He made a mistake and let her go a year ago but now that she is back he is going to do everything within his power to keep her. There is quite a bit of suspense and body count in the web of deceit the blackmailer has cast. This was tough, edgy and smoking in the bedroom scenes – loved it..

SINFUL IN SPURS by Laura Wright
The bones of this story were good but it felt choppy and the extreme quick emotional changes of the characters were too quick even for a short novella. We get a short glimpse of Sawyer Black at the end of a bull riding competition. He’s a previous champion who hasn’t been performing as well lately. He grew up with his best friend’s family and while his friend is overseas serving he asks Sawyer to watch over his sister Keely. Keely is in her senior year of college and is ready to examine the kinkier side of life at a BDSM club. When Sawyer finds out where Keely is he storms into the club to bring her home but Keely refuses to go and makes an offer to Sawyer. Seems these two have been harboring feelings for the other but Sawyer doesn’t want to disrespect his best friend by starting something with his sister and Keely feels Sawyer will never see her as anything but in a sisterly way. She couldn’t be more wrong and once she breaks down his resistance his inner Dom comes out and the sex is explosive.

Mina is hiding out in a Florida town trying to live a normal life far from the one she had growing up with a famous family. Alexander Blue saw too much death during his days in the Marines which left scars on his soul. Even his job with Red Stone Security is leaving him melancholy. Its not until he sees a woman being mugged and jumps in that something slowly awakens in him by the woman he just saved. When he gets the feeling that there was more to what happened to Mina that just a mugging he decides he is going to stick close to her.

A new novelette from the Covert Affairs series.. Marcus Lucero has been working nonstop at his job as a border patrol agent. His coworkers think he needs to get laid and suggest he log onto a sexcam site. Tova Sorenson is the only one of her family that is a US citizen. She is in college and working while also trying to save enough money to bring her brother over from Mexico. When her friend tells her she can make quick money by working on a sexcam website she decides she will try it after all you don’t have to meet anyone in person. Marcus happens to be her first customer and it’s a humorous first meeting. The two end up connecting and texting before “meeting” again online when two men break into her room and kidnap her all with Marcus watching and not being able to do anything.. From here we get to see some old friends from the previous books – ICE agents – come in to help. This was a good suspense along with plenty of sexy moments.

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