Review: Dark Abandon by Kallie Lane

Dark Abandon (Shadow Soldier #2)Dark Abandon by Kallie Lane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

No time is wasted with the thrills starting in this action packed romantic suspense. Almost from the moment Melena Salera lands in a small Canadian town her life is thrown into chaos and threatened over and over. It wasn’t like her original reason for being there wasn’t upsetting enough. A lawyer had called and requested that she be there per the death of woman she doesn’t know. Turns out the woman was her grandmother she knew nothing about.

Theo Sauvage doesn’t know what to make of this little sprite and doesn’t trust her and wonders if she had something to do with his friend’s death. But its not long before he see’s someone wants her as dead as her grandmother. Its not long before he calls in his brother and there team of friends who were all special forces.

There was a lot of story packed into a short time frame that kept you turning the pages wondering what was going to happen next. Good writing and characters made this an entertaining read.

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One response to “Review: Dark Abandon by Kallie Lane

  1. Hi Cindy. I’m glad you enjoyed Dark Abandon and I appreciate the review!

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