Review: Her Bodyguard by E.E. Burke

Her BodyguardHer Bodyguard by E.E. Burke

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A realistic view of the 1870’s and the race between two companies to be the first to get the railway from Oklahoma to Texas. You wouldn’t think an education in American History would work in a romance book but the author does a great job of balancing the two and keeping your attention without an overload on information.

The heroine Amy Langford was ahead of her time in what today would be called fighting for women’s rights. She was also business woman who was investing in making sure the right company won the rights to the Texas rail line. A bit ahead of what most women were in those days. And as like today many don’t like change and this makes her a target from men that don’t want that change and especially from a woman.

The hero Buck O’Connor fought in the Civil War and was also part the Confederate guerrillas all which left him both a wanted man and one with some PTSD from violence he was a part of. When he meets Amy in a storm in the middle of nowhere he doesn’t know what to make of the beautiful woman who has asked him to be her bodyguard. Problem is his reason for being where he is at the request of his cousin who wants him to take care of a “problem” and that problems name is Amy.

Even though this isn’t my typical type of read it was very enjoyable, knowledgeable, along with having great chemistry between Buck and Amy.

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