Review: Broslin Bride (Broslin Creek #5) by Dana Marton

Broslin Bride: Gone and Done it (Broslin Creek, #5)Broslin Bride: Gone and Done it by Dana Marton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A quirky murder mystery that leaves you guessing until the end. Luanne Mayfair didnt have the best home life growing up and she couldnt wait to leave for college. But not long after life threw her another curve ball when she became the guardian of her twin half sisters when her mother died. Working as a maid at a hotel run by a sleeze ball wasnt exactly on her list of dream jobs. After waking up following a night of being stood up by a date and realizing she doesnt remember anything past the second drink then hearing her boss was run over and killed, the big dent in the front of her car has her figuring her bad luck streak is still on a roll. As if that wasnt enough, the dective assigned to the case happens to be the boy she said was bad in bed back in high school.

If you’ve read this series you know that the Broslin PD is at the backdrop of all the books. This time its Detective Chase Merritt who is the hero. Luckily for Luanne he isnt holding a grudge against her for all the ribbing he went through over their disaterous one time hook up as teenagers. He doesnt want to believe that Luanne is a murder but all the evidence is pointing in that direction. He struggles between wanting to prove Leanne didnt do it and wanting to prove to her that he
has gotten much better in the kissing and sex department since high school.

This was an entertaining little mystery with two people reconnecting and falling in love along with having 2 cute kids and some other great secondary characters. Captian Bing of course has a presense in the book along with the mention of previous characters from the series. If you havent read this series I recommend it as each book is different and very enjoyable.

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