Review: Hot Alpha SEALs: Military Romance Megaset

There are 12 books in this boxset my review is just for 4 of the 12.

Hot Alpha SEALs: Military Romance MegasetHot Alpha SEALs: Military Romance Megaset by Anne Elizabeth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

UNBREAKABLE SEAL by J.M. Madden — The emotions you feel when reading this authors books are so deep. This one was starts out when the hero Maxwell Tate is right in the middle of an hallucination in a public place. A former Walter Reed nurse comes upon him and realizes what’s happening to him and helps him through the episode. As with all the books in this series the author shows us the what these guys have to go through when they come back and how easy it is for them to find themselves addicted to pills and booze to numb the pain and also how its an easy fix for a VA Dr to just subscribe them tons of pills instead of getting to the root of the problem. Lacey Adams had seen this to many times with her time at Walter Reed and refuses to let Maxwell let his demons win. Even though this was short it was powerful and a great romance between two wonderful but wounded people that heal each other.

BREAKING TIES by Teresa Reasor — Those that follow the series know that Oliver “Greenback” Shaker is the only one of the in the SEALs team that was married before becoming a Navy SEAL. He and his wife have had a great life and have a young son. Selena hasn’t always liked the amount of time that Oliver is away but respects his love for his job and his team. When she is diagnosed with breast cancer and finds out she’s pregnant the first real test of the marriage comes into play. This author writes great military romances and in this one she gives us a glimpse of how a tough military man is brought to his knees by something he cannot fight or protect his family from. We also get a detailed look at all the stages a woman goes through after being diagnosed along with the complication of being pregnant. Very heartfelt story.

WATCH OVER ME by Delilah Devlin — Deke Warrick been a SEAL for 12 years and has loved every minute of it but his last deployment he lost a friend and for the first time wondering if it may be time to move on. His former commander who is now a congressman with a strong stance against drugs fears his family may be targeted he ask Deke as a personal favor to keep an eye on his daughter while she is on vacation in the Caribbean. What he doesn’t count on is the instant attraction between them that they waste no time acting on forgetting about the danger. This was a quick sexy read with a little suspense at the end.

SEAL’S OBSESSION by Elle James – This fast paced action novella has SEAL TEAM 10’s Jack Fischer playing bait for a group of pirates off the coast of Honduras as he and his team tries to find two men that were hijacked and being held for ransom. He runs into a group that runs a medical ship that lands and helps the natives. When an attempt to take the ship is made Jack and his team decides him going undercover on the boat is the best way to catch the pirates as they seem to want the Dr. really bad. Dr. Natalie Rhoades had lost everything 4 years before and the only way she can go on is to help those in poor countries. Jack and Natalie are instantly attracted to each other but know due to their professions and the dangerous situation they are in its not good idea to act on it.

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