Review: The Ghost by V.R. Marks

The GhostThe Ghost by V.R. Marks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This intriguing spy thriller captures your attention from the first page. Every book in this series just gets better and adding a plot with a CIA spy just kicked it up a notch.

The prologue with all the RCI Team being fearful of a man that had been presumed dead for years and talking about his “crime” had me wondering how this guy could be the hero of this book. Being that this is the 6th book in the series of course I am going to take Ross, Rick and Eve’s opinion of this guy into account. But I like them shouldn’t have made an assumption without having all the facts. The hero is a CIA agent and we all know they are good at hiding secrets.

When we finally get into Andrew Garner head and slowly find out what happened all those year ago and how he has been living as a dead man under the radar for years trying to bring down the man that ruined his life it’s not long before your rooting for him. The heroine of the book was just as interesting. Laura Talbot was an Army Counter-Intelligence officer at the time of the “incident” and based on Ross’s team eye witness account signed off on his death and also believed him a traitor. When Ross calls her and tells her he thinks Garner is alive she waste no time in checking out the story and gets herself put in the middle of several kidnapping and murder attempts on her life.

Drew and Laura have to end up trusting each other to stay alive and finally bring down the man that started this mess. This was a gripping page turner and I gobbled it up in one setting. I am proud to say I was there when the first book was released and in the many since then this author has amazed me with each book and I look forward to many more thrilling adventures from them.

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