Review: Never Let Go by C.M. Stunich

Never Let Go (Never Too Late, #2)Never Let Go by C.M. Stunich

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an emotional roller coaster!! The Regali women certainly don’t have an easy time of it. They all seemed doomed to making bad choices. In the previous 4 books we saw Never finally break away from those and find true love in an unconventional way. Now its her sister’s Zella time. To understand the pain Zella’s in you really need to have at least read Never Can Tell. She has always been in love with Noah Scott but he was so deeply in love with her sister she knew the only thing she could ever be was second best. She went off to college to both get away from Noah and to try to break the Regali curse and get an education to become someone. But even at college she let her past define her and was involved in a turbulent relationship that ends with her getting kick out of college.

Zella broke my heart so many times with how she thought of herself. She knows deep down what she really wants but is so afraid to reach out and take it – and due to this she just keeps making bad decisions. Noah – here is the perfect man – my heart broke for him in Never Can Tell even though Never and Ty truly belong together. He tries so hard in this book to make Zella see that he does really care for her but she refuses to believe him.

If you been a fan of this series since the beginning you know each of these books are left with huge cliffhangers and this one was no exception. Yes it’s cruel and unusual punishment but its so worth it.

**Note: This is the second book in this series and the 5th in another. I recommend reading them all to get the full effect.

Never Say


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