December Reviews

Looking forward to 2015 and all the new books coming out. Here are all my reviews from December.

1111 by Kylie Brant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh the sick and twisted things authors can come up with. It’s been a while since I’ve read Kylie but the title of the book grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. I knew during the first chapter that the book was going to be a good one and I was not disappointed. An added bonus was seeing Adam Raiker back – who is from her earlier series Mindhunters.

The significance of the number is that is what the bad guy calls the women he kidnaps and “trains” to be the perfect women by torturing and raping them into submission. Mia was the one he called 11 and she was the only one to ever escape him. Its been five years and she has been on the run ever since but when a body of a woman is found, Adam has his suspensions that she is of one of the women who was held captive with Mia and goes to Jude Bishop who gave Mia protection after her escape and eventually fake identities to leave the country with to see if he can locate her so he can question her.

I saw in the dedication at the beginning of the book that the author thanked the person that helped her with location information for Vietnam. Those chapters that were in Da Nang were very captivating and some of the best in the book.

This held your attention from beginning to end. The author pulled no punches in having both the main characters having sick and horrific past. They were two broken people who had to learn to live again but were never going to be normal. I hope this is the start of a new series because this was fantastic and I would love to read more about the other men and women that worked for Jude.

Ultimate Prey (Ultimate CORE, #3)Ultimate Prey by Kristine Mason

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think this is my favorite of all the Core books and I really liked the others. First off I was soo happy to see Vlad back and that he’s going to be in future books. It could be a very serious moment in the book but that man makes me laugh so hard. The author hands down writes some of the sickest killers and gruesome scenes but she also has a knack for comedy where you don’t expect it. There were plenty of harrowing moments in this book but it seemed much lighter than the others – and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Almost all the previous characters are back in this book to help in the search for CORE leader Ian Scott and his fiancé are kidnapped and taken to the middle of the Everglades to be hunted and killed by a man out for vengeance.

This was the final book in the second trilogy of the CORE series but it was also the lead in to the new CORE series coming out next year. I am very excited as to who all the main CORE characters are going be and can’t wait for the first book in that trilogy. Cudos Kristine to another great book!

Clouds In My CoffeeClouds In My Coffee by Andrea Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is such a great series! The first book Silent Whisper blew me away with the concept and it only got better in Clouds In My Coffee . In the first book we find out Parrish has a gift of not only communicating with the dead but to actually living and experiencing their life up until their death. The majority of the first book was in the past with just a small amount in the present but in this one we get more time with Parrish and get to meet a very sexy FBI agent.

One of the best parts of this series is getting two stories in one. When Parrish is taken over and living the life of the deceased we get a great but tragic love story. This time the couple was high school kids from the ’70. Two kids that had grown up together as best friends that turned into love but with major bumps along the way that ended with one of them dying.

For this one a lot more investigative work needed to be done once Parrish “returned” and this introduced us to a new character, FBI agent Marco Trevani Jr. Marco helped Parrish bring justice to the dead girl along with being a new love interest for Parrish and let me tell you these two were smoking hot together. I’m hoping that Marco is going to be part of series from here on.

As with the first book in the series I was spellbound from beginning to end. Its one of those books where you find yourself reading faster to find out what’s going to happen next but yet not wanting it to end. I cant wait to see what person Parrish helps in the future and to see where her and Marco are headed in their relationship.
Wolf's Fall (Alpha Pack, #6)

Wolf’s Fall by J.D. Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh how authors love to torture their characters. (SPOILER IF YOU HAVENT READ THE PREVIOUS BOOKS) Poor Nick Westfall – leader of the Alpha pack – was tormented by a vampire in the previous book so much so that he can’t stand the thought of ever being bitten again. So who does his mate turn out to be… a Vampire Princess. At the beginning of this book Nick had a lot of weight on his shoulders that was almost more than he could bear. But with the help of Calla – his mate – he manages to get past his dark thoughts to a point which is a good thing because there is an evil vampire out for revenge against him and Calla’s brother.

This is a continuing series that needs to be read in order. Many things cross over between the books in the team ongoing fight against the evil creatures out there. I liked that Nick finally got his story and a well deserved mate but my favorite part of the book was a big part Blue played. He has been a secondary character from the beginning who doesn’t do any field work but boy did he get some action in this book.

Love this series and always look forward to the next book…

Her Risk to Take (Her, #2.5)Her Risk to Take by Toni Anderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A man who doesn’t feel he deserves happiness and a woman determined show him he does makes up this latest novella in the series. In the first book we met Nat Sullivan and his siblings Sarah and Ryan. This is Sarah’s story. Sarah stepped up big time for her family when within a two year span they lost both their parents and Ryan’s wife who left behind a small daughter that Sarah helped raise when Ryan turned to alcohol to deal with his grief. Now that everyone is back on track – Nat found love with Eliza and Ryan sobered up, Sarah finds that enough time has been wasted on not going after what she really wants and his name is Cal.

Cal Landon has been a family friend and also helps run the Sullivan Ranch. Twenty years ago Cal made a decision that ended a man’s life and he served 10 years in prison. Since then he has tried his best to make up for that dark time but there are those that are determined he should be forever punished and he doesn’t want another loved on to have to pay for his past.

This was a short read but still have plenty of angst between Sarah and Cal who even though he loved her was determined to push her away for her own good and a bit of suspense at the end.

Full Throttle (Black Knights Inc., #7)Full Throttle by Julie Ann Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Some changes in this latest in the Black Knight series but still plenty of things we come to expect from Ms Walker. The biggest change was most of the book was in the jungles of Malaysia and not at BKI Headquarters and we are introduced to a Navy SEAL team who are going to be part of a new series called Deep Six.

As usual plenty of action, slang talk and hot sex. I think you need to have read the series from the beginning to get the way everyone speaks; each character has his own unique voice which makes them stand out from other series/authors.

Ice (Regulators MC, #1)Ice by Chelsea Camaron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Been anticipating Ice’s book since we met him in Stripping Her Defenses by Jessie Lane. In that book we just got to see the gruff Alpha male side of Ice and knew he had a mysterious background. In this book we find all about out about Brett ‘Ice’ Grady. To outsiders the Regulators are a MC Club that runs a couple of strip clubs. But the reality is they are a government sanctioned uncover group of ex military men. A group of men who formed a strong bond fighting terrorist now are a band of brothers fighting the bad guys on US soil. A story arc of women being kidnapped to be sold was started in Jessie Lane and Chelsea Camaron other series. Ice and his team have been trying to find a way to bring down the man responsible when the latest kidnapping victim brings things to close to home.

I’ve said it in my previous reviews of Jessie and Chelsea’s books that are related but I love that multiple series are crossing over with story lines and characters. It just makes the reading experience that much more enjoyable. I love the world these authors have built and how some of the characters are on the right side of the law and others not but in the end they are all fighting for the same thing.

Great start to a new series and looking forward to many more books from these talented authors.

BTW – If you buy the book before Jan 6th you get 2 bonus short stories from the Hellions Ride Series & the Ex Ops Series and let me tell you THEY ARE SOOOO GOOD!!!

The Last MoveThe Last Move by Liz Sinclair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Edgy suspense with a very sick arsonist out for revenge playing a deadly game of chess with fire. If your not hooked from the first chapter then I don’t think suspense in your genre. The book moves along as quickly as the fires set in it. My only complaint would be I would have loved an epilogue.

Nobody's Lost (Rescue Me Saga, #5)Nobody’s Lost by Kallypso Masters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love all the research that Kally does for her books. I learn something from each one. Whether it is about the military, or PTSD or BDSM or in the case of this book vision quests and purification by Native Americans.

As this was just a novella the cast of characters was much smaller but the impact of the story was just as powerful as a full length book. Ryder Wilson was a Marine that served with Adam and the team during that ill fated mission years ago. He also served with Gino D’Alessio earlier who if you follow the series was the brother of Marc that died in combat. Ryder feels guilt for both what happened in Iraq and to Gino and has let that and a good case of PTSD make him become a recluse and not deal with his issues. Megan is Adam’s half sister who even though innocent in some ways is very good at noticing the signs of PTSD and has a way with helping.

I’m not going to talk a lot about what Ryder and Megan go through but to say they were perfect for each other and I really enjoyed their journey and story. One of my favorite funny scenes has to do with Kally incorporating a fellow author and her popular series into a scene that had me laughing out loud. Fans of the series will love this short story that was an added bonus as we wait for the next full length book to come out.

The Wrong Sister (Sister, #4)The Wrong Sister by Leanne Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know going into anything by Leanne to expect to be an emotional mess through most of the book. She didn’t disappoint. By Chapter 5 I had tears in my eyes. I was also a little scared going into this one because of who the main characters were.

In the last book we met two couples. One looked to have the perfect marriage with two kids. The other couple you knew from the start was going to be a disaster of epic proportion. As this book starts out we find out the perfect marriage has ended in a way that leaves both the wife and the two children devastated. No the husband doesn’t die. The other couple was exactly where you expected them to be. The wife is a train wreck and a neglectful mother with the husband trying to keep his business and his child safe and realizing he made a mistake in marrying so fast before he really knew the woman he was getting married to.

These two couple’s are connected via the wives. They are sisters. But they couldn’t be more different from each other but even with that they have a strong bond. The last two books in the series have been about the 3 Hendricks sisters. The Best Friend was Gretchen’s story but we also met her two other sisters Tracy and Vickie. Vickie has always been the flighty sister that always needs her sisters to bail her out of something and Tracy has been the sweet stable sister who’s been married for 12 years and is a great mother.

The opening scene of Tracy realizing that the man she has loved with all her heart for over 14 years has done something so deplorable and to avoid going to prison ops to just walk away from her and their children was heartbreaking. Before leaving he asks his brother in law Donny to look after them.

That was the start of two people both grieving over their losses and the unfairness of what life had thrown at them come to depend on each other to help each other and their children through very rough times. Where the problem comes in is Donny realizes he is married to the wrong sister.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away other than to say I just didn’t know how the author was going to make it to where these two people who were perfect for each other could ever be together. And if you’ve ever read Leanne before you know she doesn’t make it easy for her couples but this one had the taboo of both being married. There were plenty of emotional and angst filled moments before the ending but I am very satisfied with how it all worked out. Kudos Leanne to another great book!!!

Hot Pursuit 4Hot Pursuit 4 by Jennifer Zane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this 4th and final part of the series Anna and Jake finally head to California to deal with her past. Its been 12 years since she ran from being accused of killing the brother of her narcissistic husband and she and Jake plan on making him pay along with saving her half sister who is now engaged to him.

Each of the 4 parts of this serial series was full of some sort of surprises and this final one was no exception. There was a twist you may or may not see coming that led to a satisfying conclusion.

I’m not a big fan of these serial series but I was hooked from Part 1 and waited each month for the next part to be released. Now that all 4 parts are out I highly recommend this series to romantic suspense fans. This author blended humor, suspense and romance perfectly.

Clarence (Men of the White Sandy, #3.5)Clarence by Sarah M. Anderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love when authors give a secondary character his/her own story. All the men in the White Sandy series are unique, they are Native American and each has their own special qualities. Clarence is the male nurse at the Clinic that we met in the first book. He is a huge man that never had much to say but was not only good at his job but also with his strength could take care of any situation.

Tammy is also a character connected to the previous books. She works at the Daycare Center connected to the Clinic. She is a young single parent who learned a hard lesson early in life. When Clarence decides to finally make his move, Tammy is at first flattered and knows Clarence is a good man but she is afraid of being used again and with their age differences she doesn’t think he would want to be saddled with a readymade family.

Even though Clarence is portrayed as a very large man he has plenty of insecurities about Tammy and it was cute reading about him working through those. I love this series and was very happy to see she was releasing a novella so we could not only get Clarence and Tammy’s story but to see how the other couples in the series were doing.

End Game (The Mindhunters Book 6)End Game by Anne Marie Becker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What started 20 years ago with the death of a child this 6th and final book in the Mindhunters series finally reaches its conclusion. Damien Manchester who created SSAM which is a private security business dedicated to catching serial murderers has always been looking for the man that killed his daughter. Throughout the series we knew that a man was the head of The Circle an international crime ring but turns out he was also the serial killer of 11 girls including Damien’s daughter. This books finally shows us who the killer and the head of the Circle is and why he hates Damien so much.

Its always sad to come to the end of a series you’ve been following for years but from the start of the series you’ve always felt for Damien and wanted him to finally catch the mad man behind his daughter’s death and for him to finally get closure to something that has consumed his life for over 20 years. There have been lots of great couples we’ve met along the way that also play a big part in this book as they should as they too along with current cases have been trying to catch the elusive Charmer right alongside their boss for years also.

I don’t know what’s next for this author in terms of books or series but I look forward to what’s ahead. She has a great mind for suspense and romance.

The Last Cowboy in Texas (Deep in the Heart of Texas, #7)The Last Cowboy in Texas by Katie Lane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series has been a joy to read. Small town hijinks and humor along with great romances. This being the last book in the series it was fitting that it was the youngest Cates brother’s book. If you like small town romances with a very funny cast of secondary characters give this series a try. I’ve enjoyed all 7 books in the series and look forward to whatever is next from this author.


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