January Reviews

Beyond Limits (Tracers, #8)Beyond Limits by Laura Griffin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A decently paced suspense that starts off in Afghanistan with a group of Navy Seals on a rescue mission which uncovers a possible link to a terrorist attack here in the states which brings in the FBI counter terrorism unit.

Derek Vaughn was one of the Seals on that rescue mission. He and his Seals team are brought in by the FBI to debrief when they return state side when the evidence shows what they uncovered could be linked. Elizabeth LeBlanc who is an FBI agent is asked to work on the team. Derek and Liz have a bit of history from a previous book in the series but they haven’t seen each other for a while but both hadn’t forgotten the other.

Even though the action never seemed to let up the story itself seemed to drag a little in places. Overall it was a good plot with a romance on the side.

A Father's Fight (Fighting, #5)A Father’s Fight by J.B. Salsbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This had all the things I’ve come to expect from this author and series. Even though this was the 2nd book that featured Blake and Layla we still got plenty of angst and tons of laughter – I cannot tell you how many times I laughed out loud – and a lot of resolution to some very personal situations for both Layla and Blake from their first book. Every couple in this series has gone through hell and has had to fight for their HEA and these two so deserved what they got at the end of this book. I hope there are plenty more books to come in this series.

Twelve Shades of MidnightTwelve Shades of Midnight by Liliana Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great collection of paranornal romances of all types. Found of couple of new authors to me and series I plan to follow.

Liliana Hart: The Witch Next Door – This has great promise – 3 triplet sisters who are witches who have the responsibility of keeping their small town safe from another which hunt which took out their ancestors in the past. Each of the sisters looks different and each all have their own power which is unlike the others. They know something bad is coming and are trying to prepare for it. There is also a reincarnation plot between the main couple that switches back and forth that was also intriguing. My only complaint is where the story stopped.

Darynda Jones: A Lovely Drop – What a cool concept – really liked this one. All of the women in Andrea Grace family have a gift. They can go back 24 hour in time. This took its toll on her mother and Andrea has tried to not use her gift for fear she would be exploited by either the government or by bad guys. She cant help but get involved to help those that have been murdered though. When she anonymously tries to warn the police about a terrorist attempt this gets her brought in for questioning and then asked to use her gift to find out what happened on some recent murders of uncover operatives. She ends up working with Special Agent Sebastian Strand (who is hot hot hot) Hope to see more of these two in future books.

Shea Berkley: Dark Secrets: Stone Cold Dead – Wow the writing of the fighting scenes were so realistic. This is about vampires but they are not the main characters. They are the evil beings that are being fought by 2 mortal brothers and an immortal cursed woman who is a bad ass. And if that isn’t strange enough there are two little girls they become guardians of when their mother is killed and the vampire queen wants them for nefarious purposes. I was glad to see this was the start of a new series and the next book comes out in March.

Dakota Cassidy: Witched at Birth – I think I laughed pretty much from beginning to end in this very humorous look at woman who has to make some big changes in her life. Winnie and her best friend Zelda are in Witch jail. Winnie lost her mother at a young age and since then has had some anger issues. She never used her magic for good and her latest stunt of blowing up the warehouse of her ex-boyfriend has landed her in Witch jail where all her powers were stripped away. For her parole she is sent to Paris, Texas where she has a month to prove she has learned the error of her ways. Problem is her ex-boyfriend Ben now lives in Paris and he is put in charge her during her time there and if that wasn’t enough she is made to be the assistant of preschool aged little witches and warlocks who have the same behavior issues she did growing up. Along with the humor Winnie also comes to realize how she has acted in the past – quick to anger – hasn’t been the right way to handle her grief over the loss of her mother and she also realizes she over reacted to thinking Ben dumped her. Even though this was a novella size you got a complete story.

Claire Cavanaugh: Midnight Renegade – This was a nice change of pace in a collection full of witch stories. This one is about soldiers who were experimented on without their approval and the ones who not under mind control were set to be eliminated but instead ended up with some crazy super powers. The leader of the Seals team Alex managed to live through both a serum of cyanide and a fire but is now a extremely strong man with healing powers and can summon fire and lighting with his hands. His only mission has been to find the doctor that did this to him and his team and kill him. That doctors daughter Samantha is a FBI agent who gets a mysterious message from the father she through was dead to go to a specific set of coordinates to find Alex. What she gets is dead when an assassin blows up her team. Alex finds her and gives her some of his blood which heals her and she then herself gets a pretty neat ability. Alex isn’t happy when he finds out who she really is but the two now being hunted by a team of killers go on the run to find her father and try and find out the truth to what happened to Alex’s team. This was full of action and if it would have been a movie tons of special effects. There were 3 more guys from Alex team alive who also got the same serum as he did and their books are the next in the series. I’m looking forward to reading Begay’s story.

Rachel Grant: Midnight Sun – Sienna Aubrey travels to the Bering Straits with a mask she had stolen from the museum she was working for as a Native American Graves Repatriation Act specialist. She knew the mask belong to the Itqaklut tribe and that it had been stolen and wants to return it to the tribe even knowing she was breaking the law. The mask itself also seemed to have a strange effect on her causing nightmares and strange premonitions. She hoped that bringing it back to where it belonged would stop all of that. Sienna mistakes Rhys Vaughan for his cousin who doesn’t correct her as Chuck is in the hospital after someone tried to kill him. Rhys thinks Sienna might have something to do with it or at least knows who does and he wants to find out what he can from her. The mask causes these two to have some erotic dreams together. The rest of the story is figuring out what the mask really wants and why someone wanted to kill Chuck. Even though it was an erotic short – this author always manages to bring in her background of archeology into all her books and some true life history.

Trish McCallan: Spirit Woods – Spirit Woods introduces us to the town of Jamesville that’s surrounded by a forest that has been labeled Spirit Woods for all the strange things people have seen in them. Its been called haunted and dangerous. It also seems to resurrect the dead. That concept fascinated me. This is a novella so the pace is pretty quick but the story was no less captivating and I am looking forward to reading more about the Spirit Woods in upcoming books. Along with all the mysterious things going on it also had a reunion romance between the now town vet and one of the towns police officers. They had dated briefly in college which didn’t end so well do to a huge misunderstanding by the heroine. I liked that the hero who had never believed in supernatural things before coming to town didn’t hesitate in believing that something weird was defiantly going on. This one I know for sure has a second book coming out in February.

Angi Morgan: Bodyguards in Heels: Hit and Run Hallie – Hallie Barton was a FBI agent in New York. She loved the thrill of chasing bad guys and was sleeping with her partner Gage Owens. While undercover trying to catch one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted she starts to hear voices in her head and blows the mission. She then leaves the FBI and her boyfriend behind to go to Dallas to live with her Grammy to figure out what was going on with her. Once there she finds out being able to read minds is a family gift or curse depending on how she wants to look at it. She gets a PI license and 2 years later Gage comes to her for help with a witness he needs protected. This was the start of a new series so the setting up of the detective agency with her two cousins who also have a “gift” along with their Grammy who’s funding the start up and running the office was a big part of the book along with their first case and Gage and Hallie reconnecting again.

Robin Perini: Night of the Jaguar – Robin Perini: Night of the Jaguar – Cade Peterson is a vampire hunter for the Order of the Jaguar. His need for vengeance over the death of his brother spurs him on. But with each kill he risks his own soul to become as black as the evil vampires he kills. He comes upon a small group of people being slaughtered by a vampire in the jungle and in shock watches a woman kill the vampire. Aiyana lives in the jungle. She is almost one with it and has skills unlike Cade has ever seen. He knows there is something different about her but he cant put his finger on it. He also knows that when she disappears back into the jungle he should just let her go and continue on with his mission of killing vampires but something about her attracts him and he follows her and his whole life changes.

Robyn Peterman: Switching Hour – Robyn Peterman: Switching Hour – We met Zelda in Dakota Cassidy: Witched at Birth. We didn’t know what happened to her once she and Winnie left the Witch’s prison. Her conditions for her parole were to go to West Virginia to look into the death of her Aunt that she didn’t even know existed. Zelda was quite the colorful character and defiantly more guarded and self centered. Once she finds out that her Aunt’s job was being the town’s animal whisper that healed all the shifters that lived in the town it didn’t take long before she came to care about them but yet still refused to commit to being her aunt’s replacement. It took a wolf shifter who claims to be her mate and a huge surprise at the end to finally get her to let her guard down and set up roots somewhere.

Ann Voss Peterson: The School – This had bit of a creep factor. Two young children outside of an abandoned school one goes in and doesn’t come out. In the mother’s frantic search for her son an eerie paranormal tale erupts. When Rachel and her neighbor Nate who used to work for IPPO – Investigations of Paranormal Phenomena and Occult – go into the school to try and find her son Rachel ends up being tormented from her own past – something that the paranormal being does – hits on your worst fears and makes you think you are reliving them again. This was not it seems a first book in a series so there were a few things I didn’t know what they were referring to but overall I really enjoyed the creep factor of this one.

Jenn Stark: Getting Wilde

Dirty TiesDirty Ties by Pam Godwin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Multifaceted best describes this book as you have some naughty type sex, and underground racing circuit, a multimillion dollar company that is owned by evil rich people that will go to any lengths to stay that way.

At the core you have man who is out for revenge. Its been years in the making and the way he has funded this has been illegal motorcycle racing. No one knows his real identity he is known only as The Evader.

Kaci is the VP of the company he plans to destroy. She and her childhood friend Collin were forced to marry by their parents who are the evil rich people I mentioned before. It’s a shame of marriage to cover for something. (don’t know if it would be a spoiler to say but I wont) Kaci wants nothing more than to beat the people that she and Collin call parents. She also wants someone to love. She has become obsessed with The Evader and watching his races. These two end up on a unknowing collision course.

This story has so many twists and turns right up till the end with a pretty shocking conclusion. After all the lying and manipulations throughout I was a very satisfied reader.

The Mason ListThe Mason List by S.D. Hendrickson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Intensely emotional 20 year journey between two people from completely different walks of life but who forge a lifelong bond.

This is not a hearts and flowers story. Due to circumstances that were too much for her 8 year old mind to grasp Alexander “Alex” rages at the injustice and rages at the ones that help. The only one she lets partially in is Jess Mason. We as a reader knew these two were destined for each other when they were both 8 but Alex refused to believe she was ever good enough for his love so she kept him in the friend’s zone and broke his heart more than once over the 20 years. It was painful at times watching Alex’s self destructing behavior and how that eventually affected her “friendship” with Jess. The old saying of you don’t know what you had till it’s gone is basically Alex’s life.

There are many times you will need Kleenex reading this and also times you just want to beat Alex over the head to get over it. The ending was not a traditional ending but the epilogue which was probably another twenty years later finally left you with a happy feeling.

Criminal IntentCriminal Intent by Laurie Breton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an older book that the plot was a familiar one – woman on the run with her child. What make are breaks these is the why and the characters. I thought the story was a good one and the heroine wasn’t TSTL. The hero was a very tortured one and with what they had both been through one needed the other to heal from his past demons and the other got not only a second chance at love but one that would be a good protector for her and her daughter.

Don't Let GoDon’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 angsty stars! This hit the spot of what I needed. Twenty six years ago two soul mates were ripped apart by a teen pregnancy that had him leaving and not coming back to town until now. Both now in their 40’s she divorced with a teenager and he engaged with a child on the way the two realize their feeling are still as strong today but there is so much baggage between them.

There were many obstacles in the way before these two could ever get to a HEA. A few I didn’t know how on earth they could be resolved without causing someone more heartache but the journey from the beginning of the story to the end was a page turner for me. I didn’t want to put the book down.

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Just One DayJust One Day by Sharla Lovelace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The title says it all in this short novella. After literally getting sick after her boyfriend proposes to her he tells her to take 24 hours to give him an answer. This has her taking a road trip which leads her to a diner where she not only meets an old couple with wisdom who may not be of this world anymore but also the owner of the diner turns out to be a one night stand from college she has never forgotten.

Even though this book happens over just a 2 day period there is a lot packed into and I thought the ending was perfect.

Wild for Him (Aftershock, #5.5)Wild for Him by Jill Sorenson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The last two books in the Aftershock series contain a couple that had been estranged and no longer even living in the same state. In Wild the woman Helena Fjord is a zookeeper that gets trapped inside San Diego’s Wildlife Park with deadly animals set loose after the earthquake. Her story was with security officer Josh Garrison. At the end of Wild we got to meet her estranged boyfriend Mitch Stone who was not happy with what had happened between Helena and Josh during their harrowing ordeal after the earthquake. Wild for Him takes us back to right after the earthquake happened again but this time with Helena’s best friend Gwen Tagaloe a the main female lead and Mitch as the main male lead. Gwen is a tattoo artist that decides to help at one of the places for the earthquake survivors. She meets up with Mitch when he arrives to try and find Helena. Now I know many don’t like cheating stories but I wouldn’t really call either one of these that. The relationship was over and everyone knew it but Mitch. It was nice getting to see things from a different perspective this time. Most of the stories have been more in the middle of aftermath of the earthquake. This time we got to see those that were helping whether by giving medical help or passing out food and water. During this we saw two people who’d know each other for years start to see the other in a different light but not act on it because of Helena. But once that is out of the way – these two then no longer had a reason to not act on their attraction but still decided to take it slow.

This has been a great series that each book centered on the same disaster but each book was a fresh look as we got a different location and perspective in each book.

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