Review: Better When He’s Bold by Jay Crownover

Better when He's Bold (Welcome to the Point, #2)Better when He’s Bold by Jay Crownover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We’re back on Point with Race’s story.. Race was a huge part of the first book being Dovie’s brother who made tons of sacrifices in his life to save his sister and best friend Bax.

One of those was killing the man who ran the Point and taking over and trying to not necessary clean it up but defiantly run it with less violence and killing. It’s a huge undertaking he’s taken on but he’s determined to see it through.

Race Hartman wasn’t born in the Point. He was born on the Hill but found out real quick it didn’t matter if you came from money even evil lurked on the good side of town and his father was the epitome of that. Even though he is now totally ensconced in the Point’s seedier side of life he still has goodness deep inside him and prefers to do his fighting with his brains and not his fist. But either way he still comes home with blood on his hands.

Brysen Carter is Dovie’s best friend even though they didn’t grow up on the same side of town. Brysen also started off with an upscale family but circumstances have landed her and her 16 year old sister in dire straits. She had to move back home to take care of her sister as her parents have gone off the deep end.

Race has always both scared and fascinated Brysen and after a chance meeting at a party Race decides he is tired of beating around the bush with her and makes a play. Its not long before they both figure out she has a stalker that is trying to harm her and that’s something Race just wont let happen.

This series is about good and bad and how sometimes even though you’re a good person you have to turn a blind eye or live with things you normally wouldn’t because you love someone – its also the same in reverse – some of these people are bad but for love they are willing to try and walk a better line. But Race and Bax and Nassir are getting some major push back from someone that wants to take their throne of running the Point away from them.

I’m really curious about the next book which is Titus book who is the only “good” guy of the group as he is a police officer who refuses to bend to the other side..

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