Review: Crank by Shauna Allen

Crank (Jack 'Em Up, #1)Crank by Shauna Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Crank is the continuing story of Blake and Delilah. Their story started in Burnout when they were in high school. They both had issues from their childhood that affected them – Blake more than Delilah but these two people from different sides of the tracks managed to fall in love and defy the odds. Or so we think at the end of that book.

Crank starts 10 years later into their marriage and it has hit the skids. The books takes us through what went wrong during those 10 years and Blake deciding he wants to fight for his marriage even though Delilah has given up. There were plenty of heart breaking things that happened over the years plus more that happened current day. Even though it was quite an emotional journey and Blake had to make a huge decision on whether to let his past keep messing up his future the outcome/epilogue was worth it.

All the characters that were in the first book are back and we get a glimpse into what their stories will be in future books.

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