Review: Taken and Haunted by Sunny Wolfe

The Taken Series (The Complete Set)The Taken Series by Sunny Wolfe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every once in a while you come across a book(s) that just shock you at how someone’s mind (the authors) could come up with what your reading. That was certainly the case with Taken and Haunted. Both of these books should be read back to back.

Taken starts off normal enough. A 41 year old mom and her best friend have taken her 10 year autistic son to a rock concert. They are backstage getting picture taken with the band when 3 masked armed men coming in to kidnap the lead singer and in an unfortunate twist of fate she is also taken. Now even once they get to the place where they are going to help captive it still seems normal enough and Beth and Roman even start to form a bond both over their situation but also because Beth has to help Roman detox. Beth has struggled with depression her whole life and two things have helped her through, music and reading. During their captivity Beth talks to Roman about both. The author used many songs and movies throughout both books that went with the situation at hand which I thought was really cool.

Now this where things take a sick and twisted turn with the 3 kidnappers. (SPOILER) There are multiple rapes that happen. If that’s a trigger for you then do not read these books. One of the kidnappers is sick and twisted and what he does to the heroine I have never read before and it was beyond creepy. (END SPOILER)

Without giving any more spoilers Beth and Roman do manage to escape but as you can imagine Beth is traumatized. This is where Taken ends.

Hunted starts off where Taken ended – with Beth and Roman in the hospital. Even though the two fell in love with each other during their harrowing ordeal Beth just doesn’t think it will work with Roman now that they are in the real world and pushes him away.

One thing I want to give the author praise for is her handling the subjects of depression and autism. Having a child with autism I though she did a great job of describing both what its like for the parents and the child.

In Taken the secondary characters play a much bigger part. Beth’s two best friends are there with her every step of the way in her recovery and Roman’s best friend who he started the band with is his support. Beth and Roman have many issues to work through along with the threat of one of the kidnappers still being out there. These two certainly didn’t have a easy time of it but with the strength of their love and the support of their friends they finally get their happily ever after.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. I am so glad you liked my book. 🙂


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