Review for Hot SEALs Kindle World Series


Hot SEALs: SEALed RescueHot SEALs: SEALed Rescue by Marissa Dobson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two strangers meet in an airport closed by the weather turn out to have a lot more in common than they could have ever imagined.

Kimberly Slocomb is desperate to get to her son in Virgina who was kidnapped by her deceased husbands family. With no rental cars available she cautiously accepts a ride from a stranger who has offered to help her.

Brier Larsen is on his way home after being away for months working for the Guardian Angels Protection Services when he see’s a woman having a melt down over not being able to get to her son. He decides to help her out and offer to drive her their.

What neither of them knew until the long drive through a snow storm was their lives were connected by Kimberly’s dead husband who was a bad man and whose father was even worse.

This was more suspense than romance as the majority of the story is Brier and Kimberly revealing their story – the common thing that connected them – on the drive and the suspense would they ever be safe from her son’s grandfather. They did have an attraction through out the story but it wasnt until the epilogue that we saw the romance had truly formed.

Hot SEALs: A Mission of Love (A Hot SEALs / CSA Case Files Crossover) (Kindle Worlds)Hot SEALs: A Mission of Love (A Hot SEALs / CSA Case Files Crossover) by Kennedy Layne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For a short story this was packed with anger at the thought of betrayal, suspense, and man who worked for president liking the kinky stuff in the bedroom.

Schultz Jessalyn was a Special Assistant to the National Security Advisor to the President. His old friend Jon with GAPS has called him to his house to discuss something private with him. Schultz had no idea that the private thing would be about the woman he loves and was about to ask to marry him. He doesn’t deal well with feeling like he had been lied to for weeks by Julia. I have to say when we first meet Schulz the way he was described in his expensive suit and an air of entitlement I didnt quite now what to make of him. He got angry very quickly about Julia and what he perceived as a break in their trust in their relationship. Even with Jon trying to explain that Julia was being blackmailed and possibly in danger his biggest struggle was the break in trust. Now dont get me wrong he stated that he would take care of the problem but woo eee he was a bit scary..

WELL his behavior made sense a little later after he confronted Julie and she explained why she didnt want him involved. Once they made up the Dominant came out and took care of business in the bedroom. Now the story didnt end there. When things came to a head with the blackmailer Julie was no wilting flower she did what she needed to do make sure no harm came to her man.

Way to short, I could have read more about these two for ever. Good story.

Reclaiming the SEAL (Lost and Found #4.6)Reclaiming the SEAL by J.M. Madden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. J.M.’s military stories are always very emotional but the subject matter she tackled in this one and how she had her main characters deal with it was – I just cant think of the right word – but it makes you FEEL!!

Trying to describe this book in a normal review would give away a lot spoilers. I’m just going to say this was a heartbreaking reunion story with shocking revelations.

Its short, and I always feel the endings to these are a bit abrupt but it still packed a huge emotional punch. Another great addition to the Lost and Found series..

SEALed Fate (Deep Six Security/Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds Crossover Novella)SEALed Fate by Becky McGraw

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now here is on honorable SEAL. Jaxson Thomas lived and breathed to be Navy SEAL. A tryst by one of his teammates on a rescue mission has Jaxson taking the fall for him and getting a general discharge. If that wasnt enough the next job he gets is with Deep Six and even though its not the Navy its the next best thing until he finds himself in another situation where he takes the blame for something he didnt do to save the reputation of Deep Six. He quits hoping that will save face but doesnt know what he will do next.

A former team mate has started up a new company called GAPS and Jaxson getting desperate for a job takes an assignment from them. There is a huge kicker though – the assignment is to protect a federal judge who is being threatened by the Mafia – turns out the Judge is the woman who cost him his Navy career. He has dreamt for 5 years of ways he could slowly kill this woman. Since that isnt really an option and he needs the job he reluctantly takes it.

Fallon Sharpe on the bench doesn’t let anything intimidate her not even the head of the Mafia. After sentencing him to 10 years in prison though she gets death threats that do scare her and she goes to GAPS to hire a former SEAL to protect her. She cant believe her luck when the man that shows up is the same one who she cost his career. She has owed this man an apology for over 2 years when she found out that he was innocent of what she and her father had accused him of.

Jaxson doesn’t want to like Fallon but within minutes of knocking on her door her house it hit in a drive by shootout. His sense of honor kicks in and vows to protect her. Turns out though the mafia isnt the only one after them which has lots of suspenseful scenes happening through out the book.

I’ve loved reading all of these book in the Hot SEALs Kindle World not only for the good reads but also because I am finding new author/series to read. Reading Jaxson’s story has made me want to read more about these Deep Six Security men.

Discarded Heart - A Hot Seals/Danger Incorporated Crossover NovellaDiscarded Heart – A Hot Seals/Danger Incorporated Crossover Novella by Olivia Jaymes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two very stubborn people get a second chance at love. Caleb and Michaela were childhood sweethearts. Caleb always had big dreams to leave the small town of Applewood  and had hoped that Michaela would go with him when that time came. But something tragic happened to Michaela’s sister in which just weeks after giving birth she died leaving Michaela to raise her son on her own. Her outlook on life changed and her fear of moving to Chicago where Caleb’s new job as a FBI agent was caused a rift that broke these two up and left hard feelings between them.

Now almost 10 years later Caleb is back in Applewood disgraced from his job and to help his father with the care of his mother who had a mild stroke. He never saw himself losing the job he loved and having to return home with his tail between his legs. He also knows with Applewood being such a small town there is now way he can avoid seeing Michaela who he’s never quite forgiven but also never forgotten.

Michaela never thought she had a choice all those years ago. She did what she thought was right for her sister’s son. She’s never forgiven Caleb for leaving her and is not happy he is back in town dredging up feelings she thought were dead.

These two were so freggin stubborn and neither wanting to admit to whose fault it was the relationship didnt work out. Once they had it out over past hurts it was Caleb that decided this time he was going to fight for what he wanted even though Michaela was leery about putting her heart out there again because this time it wouldnt just be her that would be hurt it would also be her son who has become attached to Caleb.

Short, sweet and a great ending.

Her Special Alpha (X-OPS/Hot SEALs Crossover)Her Special Alpha by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love everything about this series. Whether the books are full length or novella size they are always packed full of action and humor and great characters. The women are kick ass and the men have no problem being with a shifter/woman that’s more powerful than they are.

Eden Bristow and Travis Dalton are both in Virginia Beach for different reasons. She is there for her sisters wedding and he is there to meet with a man about a potential job. The two end up in an alley fighting off an attack against the groom to be and his best man. Eden is a feline shifter with the DCO and Travis is retired Special Forces so they do some major butt kicking even with one of the thugs being a wolf shifter.

One of the things I love about this series is whenever we are introduced to a new character there isnt the awkward getting to know them stage. Right off the bat you just feel like you’ve known them forever. That was the case here with Eden and Travis. They recognized right off the bat they had chemistry both sexual and as partners in trying to figure out what the goons and wolf shifter really wanted.

As always my only complaint is I want more of these X-Ops guys!!

Hot SEALs: Out of Luck (Kindle Worlds)Hot SEALs: Out of Luck by Geri Foster

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quick suspense of stalker who was underestimated by our hero many times. Dan McCray was asked by a friend to help a woman who has been continually victimized by a stalker. No one knew that he was so much more than just a common stalker.

This was an enjoyable read and could have certainly been great full length suspense.

Hot SEALs: Guard Dog (Kindle Worlds) (Stone Hard SEALs Book 3)Hot SEALs: Guard Dog (Kindle Worlds) by Sabrina York

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off that cover is hot isnt it? And the man inside the book was just as sexy. Mason Steele is feeling a little sorry for himself when he’s forced out of the SEALs by a heart issue he’d developed. Having to do guard duty for a spoiled rich businesswoman who carries a dog everywhere is not where he saw his life ever going. Pansy Hightower has no idea who this huge hunk of a man is that has been following her but she is grateful he was when she is kidnapped and taken to the desert to be killed and buried.

I liked both of the characters even with the super fast tracked romance that had to happen. My only little pet peeve was his calling himself a bedroom Dominate but yet at the start of the book we see him feeling sorry for himself and then when the first bedroom scene happens he is hemming and hawing when trying to explain to Pansy his dominant preference. That does not scream Dom to me. Other than that for the shortness of the book it was sexy and had just enough suspense to keep your attention.

Wet HeatWet Heat by Desiree Holt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“A man who thought his commitment to his country left him no room for love and a woman who had no idea the real meaning of love.. “ That sentence from the book sums up Navy SEAL Dix Amendola and romance writer Peyton Gerard.

Both Dix and Peyton needed to escape from the real world and thought time at a lake cottage in Maine would be perfect. Problem was there was a mix up and they were both accidentally rented the same cottage and neither wants to give it up.

Their initial meeting was very humorous and you wondered how it was going to go when they came to an agreement to share the cottage. Dix is still feeling guilt over losing two men on his last mission and also trying to get back in shape after being shot. The last thing he wants is to be around anyone. Peyton’s last relationship crashed and burned in a bad way and it was her third relationship to go bad. As a romance writer this has messed with her writing as now she doesn’t believe in the thing she supposed to be writing about – a happy ever after.

This was another great example of how an author who we know writes great sex scenes also manages to pull off a great story in a short novella. During their month at the lake Peyton and Dix decide to give into their chemistry and have a no commitments affair. Neither thought they ever wanted a serious relationship now or in the future. But after they part ways they realize maybe they are ready for some big changes in their lives.

Hot SEALs: Rimshot's Hard Target (Kindle Worlds) (Bad Boys of Beta Squad Book 2)Hot SEALs: Rimshot’s Hard Target (Kindle Worlds) by Siobhan Muir

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this story about a active Navy Seal trying to find his sister that had went missing. Kevin “Rimshot” Stanton just couldn’t get over her disappearance that had yealded no clues as to what happened to her. His father didn’t really seem to care and he was at loose ends on who to contact to help. One night out with his team mates its mentioned he should hire Jaime Hensen a local PI who is known to find even the impossible. Rimshot’s never forgotten the one time he met Jamie which was at his friends wedding which they both walked away from without acting on their attraction.

Over twenty years ago Jamie’s older sister went missing. Jamie has made it her life’s goal to find her or at least what happened to her and went on to college to become the best tracker she could. When Kevin comes to her wanting her help to find his sister she was both happy to take the case and to finally get to act on the feelings they had at the wedding.

Right up until the end I enjoyed the story and was curious as to what happened to Kevin’s sister. I never dreamt we’d also get to find out what happened to Jamie’s sister too. The last chapter is where I realized the author tied in a story that was started in another series of hers. It kind of took me out of the story a little as that series is a paranormal series and without having read it was a little confused. Other than that I really enjoyed Rimshot’s Hard Target.

Knight's SEALKnight’s SEAL by Donna Michaels

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great start to a new series. Knight’s SEAL kicks off the start of Dangerous Curve which in a twist is about 5 dangerous women.

A former SEAL team leader now runs his own CIA special op company called The Knight Agency. When its found out that Naval Intelligence Officer Lt. Nicole Locke is being kept prisoner by a cartel leader he enlist his daughter Elisabeth Knight who works for him now and used to be a NIO and Navy SEAL Sam Gentry who used to be under his command to go in undercover as a married couple.

Problem is he doesnt know what Sam and Lisa used to be an item 5 years ago until Sam found out who her father was and broke things off. So not only do they have to deal with going undercover to rescue Nicole and try and take the cartel leader alive but they also have to deal with their unresolved feelings while on the op.

This looks to be a great series and I cannot wait for the next book.

SEAL's Ultimate Challenge (Take No Prisoners, HOT SEALS Novella)SEAL’s Ultimate Challenge by Elle James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m loving these strong women that have been in these Hot SEALs Kindle world books. Leigha Fields came from a family of cops and that’s what she wanted to do after college also. She enjoyed her job even though she was given grief for being a woman on the force. Her life changed though when she was shot in the knee by a gang member. It was during her own phyical therapy that she decided that would be her new job in life. She now works with wounded warriors. Her latest client is surly man who just recently lost his arm in combat.

Cory “Reaper” Nipton loved his life as a Marine and thought he also loved the woman who flew them in and out of hot zones. He didnt get the hint that his best friend was in love with her also and didnt think they belonged together. When their latest mission goes FUBAR and Cory trips a bomb and loses his arm he asks Delaney to marry him when he thinks he isnt going to make it. When he does and realizes his career with the Navy is over he carries a big chip on his shoulder and takes it out on his new physical therapist. He is even unhappier when Delaney goes back to sandbox leaving him alone.

Leigha is used to challenges and is determined to help Cory in both his recovery and to see that his life isnt over just because he only has one arm. During some outside therapy time it becomes clear that someone from Leigha’s past as a cop wants her dead and Cory being a man of honor becomes her protector while also realizing that the feelings he has for Leigha are not the same as the ones he has for Delaney. He realizes that he loves Delaney the same way he does his best friend and had just gotten his wires crossed in his head.

There are two pretty intense scenes where the person from Leigha’s past tries to kill her and Cory is their both times to save her. The author also tells us at the beginning of this book that this book runs simultaneously in time line with SEALs Honor – which is Reed and Delaney’s book.

This was a more heartbreaking at times story than some of the others have been in the Kindle World series and you worried how it would turn out for the 4 characters but it all worked out perfect in the end.

Through Her Eyes (Uncharted SEALs/Hot SEALs crossover novella)Through Her Eyes by Delilah Devlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Delilah Devlin always manages to write a good story around hot and sexy moments. Wolf Kinkaid has just left the SEALs and is suffering from a bit of PTSD and not knowing what he’s going to do next in his life. He goes to Mexico with a group of friends who work for Charter Group where he is thinking about joining.

Next door is a sexy woman that catches his attention and with a little matchmaking from his buddy’s girlfriend she joins them for a BBQ on the beach.

Piper Ames is a bounty hunter and is currently on a stake out to catch an arms dealer. At first she doesnt know what to make of the group next door hoping the arent there for the same reason she is. But not long after meeting Wolf she knows he isnt and she also waste no time in acting on her lust for the man.

Lots of hot sex scenes and a little suspense with the take down of the arms dealer. Another great read in the Hot SEALs series..

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