Review: Built (Saints of Denver, #1)

Built by Jay Crownover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book packs quite the emotional punch throughout the story of Zeb and Sayer who from the outside couldnt be more different but on the inside were two very broken people who’s hearts recognizes the other was the glue to put them back together but one wasnt ready to believe and let go of her past filled with emotional abuse.

Zeb Fuller has to be one of the best hero’s I’ve read – certainly the best of 2016. This was a tortured man who loved his sister and the single mom who raised them so much that if anyone hurt either one of them he couldnt be held responsible for his actions. Well that came into play when his sister is beaten badly by her boyfriend and Zeb beats him almost to death and serves two ½ years in prison for an aggravated assault charge. Now 5 years after being released he has done everything in his power to make up for his mistake and created his own construction company from the ground up and hires people like him – ones who made a mistake in life and gives them a second chance by teaching them a worthy skill and offering them employment. He has also been in love with his friends sister since first meeting her but she has a wall of ice inches thick around her heart and refuses to let anyone in. I have never seen a man have as much patience as Zeb showed in waiting for a woman to deal with her demons so they could have a relationship. When he’s faced with the knowledge that he produced a son from a one night stand on the day he got out of prison he goes to that woman and asks for her help in getting custody and also with the hope that he will also finally be able to melt some of that exterior of hers and make her see they belong together.

Sayer Cole presented to the world as a tough emotionless lawyer. She’d was raised by a very emotionally abusive father who never showed her an ounce of love. All she knows of love is it made her mother commit suicide so she wants nothing to do with it. Problem is her actions dont show that. When she found out she had a brother – she moved to be with him. When a woman who had suffered a horrible situation – she took her into her home. When a man that scared her because of the feelings he incited in her so she kept at arms length comes to her asking for her help to get his son – she goes does her best to get him.

Not only were the scenes with Sayer and Zeb beautiful but every scene with Zeb’s son almost turned me into an emotional mess. From the first page to the last I hung on to the rollercoaster and at the end didnt want to get off. Beautiful story and looking forward to more in this series.

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