Review: Cold Evidence by Rachel Grant

Cold Evidence (Evidence, #6)Cold Evidence by Rachel Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve yet to read a Rachel Grant book that I didnt immediately want to go to the locations she describes through out the book. Neah Bay, Washington is where the majority of this book takes place with most being underwater looking for a Cold War-era US Navy submarine.

As per her previous books the author immediately captures your attention right off the bat – in this case with the boat exploding while Navy underwater archaeologist Undine Gray is many feet below decompressing from a deep dive. From here the mystery and suspense move along at a steady pace as its slowly revealed that the explosion wasnt an accident and real reasons come to light which continue to put Undine in danger.

The hero and heroine had an interesting past that was cause for some serious love/hate (more hate on the hero side) through most of the book. Luke Sevick hatred for Undine was warranted and I worried if it would effect how I felt about him but even with the mean things he said about Undine you could still see he was an honorable man and even with his feelings he would do what was needed to protect her.

As with the slow reveal of the plot of the story the mending of the relationship between Undine and Luke also was a slow burn which I felt added to the realism of it instead of quickly resolving 12 years of hate.

I always look forward to a Rachel Grant book for scenic descriptions, interesting plot and smoking hot romance and I’ve not been disappointed yet.

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