Review: Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome, #1)Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Going to do my review a little different for this book.

What’s the main premise of this series: A deadly virus has ended most of life on earth. For the ones it didn’t kill it changed them. The worst were made into Rippers of which there were two types of them one increased their intelligence but made them without conscience like serial killers and the others were just plain insane and killed anything. There were a small few who survived the fever with just the heightening of their senses and kept their sanity.

Were things explained and the world building done well: Not everything was explained right away – some things took the course of the book. The books starts after the virus when everyone is fighting to stay alive. For me by the end of this book I was satisfied I knew enough about the virus, what caused it and if there was any hope for the future. The things that were not always clear were who all the bad guys were. Some where obvious – like the LA gangs and all the Rippers but a group called the Mercenaries are still a mystery.

Characters: There were a lot of main and secondary characters. I didnt feel overwhelmed by the amount of them and all but one you knew who side they were on. For the most part we got enough back story on even the secondary characters to come to care about them but in this violent apocalyptic world that doesnt mean they will be around for long. Death count is high through out the book.

Romance: Lynn Harmony and Jax Mercury are not your typical sweet romance couple. Lynn was a CDC scientist before the outbreak and also a survivor of the fever but it left her with a blue heart literally that glows in her chest. The US has been told she is the carrier of a new strain of the Scorpius virus and to stay away from her but that isnt the truth. Her goal was to make to LA to toughest soldier in the new world for both his protection and to get her to the CDC in California for hopes of finding a cure. Jax has had to be tough his whole life – first growing up in tough gang in LA then as a soldier seeing the only good friends he’s ever had died. Even though he doesnt want the job he is the leader of a group of survivors who is doing everything in his power to make sure they are kept alive and trained for fighting Rippers, gang members and how to scavenge for food and supplies. Jax tries to present himself as mean fighting machine with no emotions but its pretty clear he has a soul and he realizes right away that Lynn is someone he needs to protect even if the two constantly butt heads. The sexual attraction runs pretty hot between them and Jax has a few surprises he pulls out in the bedroom.

Most mysterious and character I want more of: Raze Shadow.. His book is next. Even though he fights side by side with Jax throughout this book he is keeping one heck of a secret on who he really is and why he was in Jax’s camp. Cant wait to find out the truth.

Overall impression of the book: I liked it. The story was captivating, the characters interesting and with the open ended ending your left wanting more.

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