Review: Natalie by Leanne Davis

Natalie (Daughters, #2)Natalie by Leanne Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I knew before going into this book it was going to be an emotional punch. Leanne Davis doesnt write stand alone books. For you to get the full emotional significance of each story you need to have read all the books both the Sister series and now the Daughter series. Jesse’s story started with the first book The Other Sister and her story was so tragic and heartbreaking its still leaving effects 28 years (book year) later.

Natalie was the product of the horror Jesse endured over 28 years ago. I never even contemplated that the author would ever end up giving us that baby’s story when Jesse gave her up in The Other Sister.

Natalie was raised by an older couple who gave her love but something was always a little broken in her. It took her husband who she thought she loved with all her heart cheating on her which sent her running to her biological sisters and mother to realize she played a part in ended up in the circumstances she found marriage and herself in.

I’m going to be honest here and say because so many people have issues with cheating that its front and center and in the end it does have a HEA. If you’ve ever read a Leanne Davis book that is not achieved easily and by the last page its deserved by both parties. Sam Ford makes a horrible mistake and doesnt try and make excuses for it. He knows he loves Natalie and also searches deep within himself to try and figure out how he could have done what he did and what he needs to do to salvage their marriage and if that isnt possible to at least get them back to friends they have been since she was 5 and he was 8.

Bring a fan of this series from the beginning even though Natalie’s birth was always the elephant in the room and never to be discussed and I think Jesse could have gone her whole life never meeting or knowing Natalie and I glad the author went this route. There was no happy declarations of love but these two needed this resolution.

I’ve been waiting forever it seems for this book and woke up early on release day to read it and devoured in hours. I need an author to pull emotions from me while reading and this one never fails at that task.

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