Review: Sebring by Kristen Ashley

Sebring (Unfinished Hero, #5)Sebring by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Its a true testament of a great author that can take a character that I am pretty sure no one could stand (from Knight) and totally make you fall in love with him within the first paragraph of his book.

Nick Sebring has matured a lot and seeing his girlfriend murdered before his eyes was the final push to creating the man he is today. That man is also one that wants vengeance for her death.

As Nick was a complicated character I expected nothing less of the woman he ended up with. Olivia Shade was born into a crime syndicate family. Its not something she wanted but never saw a way to escape it. Her father has gone over the edge and doesn’t think twice about killing anyone or even torturing his own daughter if he feels she betrayed him. Her sister isnt far behind him in the having let power and the need to for more go to her head. Olivia holds tight to her emotions and vows to never let another man in to her head or heart.

Daddy Shade was the man responsible for Nick’s girlfriends death years ago. He has been planning to take him down and is not above using Olivia to do that. Problem is he starts to see what’s really on the inside and realizes he is falling for her.

I loved all the previous books in this series and if I had to pick a favorite it probably would either be Knight or Deacon but man Nick’s journey and story was some of the best writing I’ve seen from KA. We get all the previous characters helping through out this book and it was really great to finally see Knight and Nick be the brothers and love each other the way they always should have.

If a beloved series has to end this is the way to end it. Hopefully we still get to see a few of these guys pop up in the Chaos series as Valenzuela is still alive and causing problems.

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