Review: Viral Justice by Julie Rowe

Viral Justice (Biological Response Team, #3)Viral Justice by Julie Rowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

LOVED! All the things I like about this series we back in full force. Another deadly virus unleashed and the Biological Response Team along with the Special Forces soldiers who protect them are trying to stop it and find a cure.

The leads in this one were in a bit of a role reversal. Alicia Stone is General Stone’s daughter. She is one tough woman who is a Sergeant who trains soldiers for the Special Forces Combatives program. Her strong will and never back down attitude along with being woman in a man’s world has gotten her into hot water more than once. Her current assignment is to be the bodyguard of Colonel Maximillian who heads the US Army’s Biological Response Team. Max is a genius and knows all about fighting deadly pathogens but cant shoot his way out of a paper bag and even worse at hand to hand combat. We’ve met Max in the previous books and I just couldnt picture him as leading man material having such a passive personality. But there was such much more to Max that we didnt know.

This book was like the first one – very fasted paced with edge of your seat suspense. Gruesome fight scenes – high death count and of course a great romance in the middle of the insanity. I cant wait to see whose story is next..

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