Review: Heart of the Shifter series by Stephanie Rowe

Dark Wolf Rising (Heart of the Shifter #1)Dark Wolf Rising by Stephanie Rowe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dark Wolf Rising kicks off a new paranormal series from Stephanie Rowe. Things are a bit of a mess for the pack in the start of this series. The leader of the pack Jace Donovan is on trial for murder for viciously killing a woman and all of this was witnessed by Brynn McKenzie who is set to testify against him. This in turn has the current leader of the pack to put out a hit on Brynn so she cant testify. But things are not as they seem.

Cash Burns was Jace’s second in command before he was arrested. In a twist he was also Brynn’s childhood friend that walked away from her 10 years ago when he realized he was a wolf shifter. When he finds out the current leader of the pack wants her dead he steps in to save her shocking Brynn that he’s still alive and that he is also a wolf shifter.

There are a few twist on what’s really going on and why Jace killed that woman that I can see being the premise for the series. Cash and Brynn were bound to each other in childhood and now in adulthood as mates and they quickly work through any issues as Brynn vows to stand by her man (and wolf) through whatever challenges may lie ahead.

The writing and story line were engaging my only small complaint was its a little on the short side – just as things were really starting it ended. I am looking forward to Jace’s story though. Poor guy has a ton of guilt he’s living with, curious to see how things work out for him.

Dark Wolf Unbound (Heart of the Shifter #2)Dark Wolf Unbound by Stephanie Rowe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another fast paced, gripping addition to the Heart of the Shifter series.

As this picks up literally after the first book I recommend reading that first as even though there are different couples in each book there is a main plot/bad guy running through all the books.

Jace Donovan was the pack leader who was on trial for killing a woman in the first book. In that book we find out he had been under a spell to make him do it. Jace is an alpha and leader who has a deep need to save people. The guilt over him taking a life is more than he can handle. Against the advise of his pack mates he goes to apologize to the woman’s family.

Abby Collins is the woman’s sister and can feel Jace’s deep grief over what he’s done. Even though she knows her sister died at his hands she also knows he is the only hope she has to locating the man who is responsible for both of their grief.

My only complaint is I still wish the books were longer but other than that I am always engrossed in the main couples story and we got a little more info about psychopathic shifter who is wrecking havoc on all their lives and that thread is still open at the end of this book.

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