Review: The Stars Landing Series by Jessica Gadziala

I’ve love and can’t get enough of this author’s darker series and Stars Landing was the only series I hadn’t read of hers. It’s more on the lighter side and mostly is centered around the small town in PA and its close nit residence. Some of the books are more serious and others plenty of humor with each having some suspense in them. The characters all cross over into each of the books so we get to continue to see how a previous couple is doing even after their book.

What The Heart Needs (Stars Landing, #1)What The Heart Needs by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first book is defiantly the most serious one of the series and the only one that takes place mainly out of Stars Landing. Hannah Clary left her small town with big dreams. Three years later she is on unemployment and struggling to make her bills. When she finally gets an interview with big corporation she thinks fate has finally decided to smile on her. She is second guessing that soon when her job entails being the personal assistant of the CEO who has a reputation of being cold and relentless. She works her butt off for Elliott Michaels with little to no appreciation from him. She is also confused at her unwilling attraction for him and his suggestion of wanting to have an affair. As she is dealing with this she also starts getting threatening letters that over time escalate to threats of violence. (my only pet peeve with this book is how long it took Hannah to finally tell anyone what was going on – by the time she hired a PI it was too late)..

We are introduced to many of the future characters in this book along with a character (the PI) from her Dark series. This was a great start to the series and I had no problem wanting to immediately go on to the next book.

What The Heart Wants (Stars Landing, #2)What The Heart Wants by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We were briefly introduced to Sam Flynn and Annabelle Goode in the first book. Sam was Hannah’s childhood friend who she ran to when her stalker problem escalated. This book and all the future books totally take place in Stars Landing.

Annabelle comes to Stars Landing when she inherits herb farm from an distant Aunt. Sam owns the goat farm next door. For most of the book Annabelle dates both Sam and Eric who is the town mechanic. I am not a fan of love triangles especially when you really like both men (no worries though– Eric’s story is the next book).

There is some light suspense along with the romance and of course we get to meet more of the town’s quirky characters.

What The Heart Finds (Stars Landing, #3)What The Heart Finds by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eric O’Reilly is Stars Landing only mechanic. He is also a man ho with quite the reputation in the town. He’s still stinging a bit about losing out with Annabelle (previous book). Eric also has quite the panty melting vocabulary to go along with his sexy looks.

Lena Edwards works for Elliot Michaels (from first book) who sends her to Stars Landing to scope out the town’s only Inn because he wants to purchase it as a surprise for his wife. She’s not happy with having to be basically a spy but hopes that by doing this for her boss she will get a promotion out of it. What she didn’t expect was to actually like the town’s residence and to come upon the radar of Eric when her car breaks down. Eric is ruthless (in a sexy way) in his pursuit of Lena.

When the book starts out Lena thought she always knew what she wanted to do with her life but Eric and the town has her starting to question what she really wants.

Eric was hot – no doubt about it – and I loved how he wooed Lena to get her into his bed. She wasn’t the only that had a change though during the book. Eric, after getting his heart broken finally comes to realize that maybe he doesn’t want to be the town’s lothario anymore and wants to find that one special woman just for him. Lena certainly gives him a run for his money.

What The Heart Knows (Stars Landing, #4)What The Heart Knows by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now that Elliot Michaels (from the first book) has decided to buy the Stars Landing Inn he sends in his brother James to take over the renovations to update it. He had no idea what he was in for with the fiery red head that currently runs it.

We’ve known James since the first book. He is the spoiled little brother who has never set roots down anywhere and just goes from woman to woman. His new sister in law is best friends with Emily who has been running the Inn since the owner who took her in as a teenager died. She has all the personality traits that go along with being a redhead and she doesn’t like this smooth talking fancy dressing ladies man trying to come in and take over her Inn.

These two clash right away but there is also some major sexual sparks that fly between them that Emily tries hard to fight. I think this was the funniest book in the series but it also had some serious moments and a cringe worthy mistake from James. But even with that mistake I think that James is now my favorite man of all the books. I still have one more book in the series to go so that may change but right now James is at the top..

The Stars Landing Deviant (Stars Landing, #5)The Stars Landing Deviant by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blurb: There’s a lot of things you expect from a quaint little town like Stars Landing: homemade jam, country dances, friendly neighbors. One thing you don’t plan on is a man like DANE BRODERICK: six and a half feet of solid muscle, tattoos, raw animalistic sex appeal, and ego enough for ten men.

CORDELIA CAMERON has accepted a lot of things about herself: she’s uptight, a swirling mess of anxiety, and she will probably never know what an orgasm feels like. What she didn’t realize was how unprepared she was for a man like Dane Broderick. So when he sets his sights on her: not offering her flowers or candy or to even remember her name, but promising the kind of sex that would make her second-guess her previously conceived beliefs and limits, she was helpless to do anything but fall into his arms.

But things are not as they seem and trouble is finding its way to Stars Landing, threatening to throw Cordelia’s life spiraling into a new and unexpected direction…

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