Mayson-Dickson Mystery Series by Jocie McKade

27252616The South is on the rise and the North is on the march in this humorous mystery where Alabama belle Emme Mayson meets Boston proud Jackie Dickson. Two women – complete strangers – summoned by a cryptic letter to Washington, D.C.

In the capital they will discover long-hidden family secrets, tick off numerous government agencies, just miss an assassin’s bullet, and be given new identities sharing the same house. The only thing keeping them from starting another war between the states is the mystery surrounding their parents’- and their own – lives.

While on the trail of government conspiracies, they discover together they have knack for solving murders. Mayson and Dickson Investigations is born over a pitcher of margaritas, one disgusting dead body on the beach, and across a line of division.

With a family history that seems to include spy parents, that fact they may be sisters, a house caretaker that is way more then he appears to be, and an FBI agent that won’t quit until he knows who they really are, Mayson and Dickson are going discover where the Line is Drawn – and cross it.


Mayson DicksonMayson Dickson by Jocie McKade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Twin sisters who were raised apart and knew nothing of the other are suddenly thrown together after the death of their parents. Emmaline Roberts was raised in the south by her father and Jacqueline Roberts was raised in the north by her mother. After the funerals they both get invitations to come to Washington DC at the request of a lawyer representing their parent. Imagine their surprise when they meet each other and realize that their parents kept huge secrets from them – dangerous secrets that now put their lives in danger. Jackie and Emme are like oil and water and are given new identities with the new last names of Mayson and Dickson which totally suits their personalities.

The two are sent to Tennessee to a safe house with a caretaker named Fender. Here in between their bickering and finding a dead body they decide to start their own private investigating business since it was obvious their parents had been some sort of spy’s. The two only manage to get themselves into more trouble onto the radar of FBI agent Chris Meecham.

Plenty of humor along with the mystery of who their parents really were and who wants them dead. Those things are not solved in this book but it was a great start to a new series

31550154Following the latest cryptic message that might lead them to the truth about their parents, Emme Mayson and Jackie Dickson are pulled into another murder investigation when a man dressed in a kilt falls from the sky onto their truck.

As if a dead body isn’t enough, FBI Special Agent Chris Meechum and sexy caretaker Sam Fender try to rein in their sleuthing, but the sisters are determined to solve this murder. Men in kilts, Renaissance Faires, and a few mobsters in all the wrong places complicate the case.

Emme Mayson is a Southern charmer from Alabama. Jackie Dickson is a straight-forward professional from Boston, they aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. The only thing keeping them from starting another war between the states is the mystery surrounding their parents, and their own lives.

Mayson-Dickson – Northern logic, Southern charm, and murder!


Yankee Tenacity (Mayson-Dickson Mystery Series Book 2)Yankee Tenacity by Jocie McKade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another humorous adventure with the sisters who each grew up on opposite sides of the Mason Dixon line.

Emme and Jackie cant seem to avoid dead bodies. While following clues concerning their parents a dead body literally falls out of the sky and lands in the back of their truck.

They are supposed to be laying low not bringing any attention to themselves but through all their bickering they just cant leave the case of the dead man alone and keep getting in harrowing situations.

We were left with a lot unanswered question from the first book about what happened to their parents and who they really were. More clues were given through out this book but still many unanswered questions remain. As for the two men in their lives FBI Agent Chris Meecham and Sam Fender whose true purpose has always been a mystery, we at least find out more about their past and see that the two of them are just as stubborn as the women they are pining over but yet refuse to acknowledge their feelings for.

Cant wait for the next adventure of these two.

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