New Release and Review for Pagan by Jessica Gadziala

Fighting. F@cking. F@cking things up. That was my life. That was how I got out of the world I had been raised in. And it was how I intended to keep living my life.
That was, of course, until I came across her. The game changer.
Hard work. That was pretty much all you could say my life consisted of. It was what got me out of a rough childhood. It was what made me get my first taste of success. Before things went to hell, that is. But it was what was going to get me back on my feet too. So I didn’t need any distractions. Certainly not one that came covered in scars, blood, leather, and in a cloud of cigarette smoke.
Yet, there he was.
And I was thinking maybe a distraction wouldn’t be that bad, right?

Pagan by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hot love story between a rough around the edges fighter and sweet hairdresser who refuses to let life get the best of her.

Going into these stories about the probies we don’t know a whole lot about their backgrounds. We’ve been given just enough info in a previous book to be intrigued by them and look forward to getting to know their past and what made them into the men they are today. Pagan was definitely one of those. All we knew was he was one of the main fighters for Ross Ward and had joined the Henchman as a probie. He’s a chain smoking, tough as nails alpha who lives for a fight. Never saw himself in a relationship or even wanting a woman past a one night stand, that is until he comes across Kennedy and for reasons unknown to him at the time attracts his attention.

Kennedy has struggled her whole life and even with the knocks life has given her she still believes that at some point the tides have to turn in her favor. She owns her own small salon and has hopes of being able to expand in the future. When she meets Pagan she doesnt know what to think of the foul mouthed biker who skirts on the wrong side of the law but she too finds herself attracted.

Even though this is part of the Henchmen MC series the last two books, which are the stories about the probies, changed pace from the earlier books and focus more on the couples. I do miss the excitement and craziness of the earlier books but one thing that never changes is a hot love story. As with most of the couples Jessica writes, they dont look like a match when the book starts but before your done you realize they are perfect for each other.

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