New Release and Review for A Deeper Grave by Debra Webb


When the hunter becomes the hunted… Serial-killer hunter Nick Shade built his legendary career chasing monsters—sadistic criminals with a gruesome thirst for death. When he rescued Montgomery detective Bobbie Gentry from horrific captivity and helped her reclaim her life, he didn’t intend to be a hero. Or a target. But now a copycat murderer haunts him, and reuniting with Bobbie is his best chance at neutralizing the threat. Bobbie can’t forget the nightmares of her trauma—or the man who saved her. Working with Nick to outmaneuver the person behind a deadly vendetta feeds her hope that there’s more to her world than ghosts and destruction. Maybe joining Nick’s search for a killer is about gratitude. Maybe it’s nothing more than cold revenge. But the only way they can protect themselves is to trust each other.

A Deeper Grave by Debra Webb
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So sick.. So creepy.. So depraved.. And so addicting. A killer orchestrating another killer along with manipulating the lives of others.

The first two books dealt with Detective Bobbie Gentry who spent months recovering from both the physical and mental damage that the Storyteller killer did to her. She had lost her will to live but wasnt going to die before exacting justice on the man who killed her family and ruined her life. She was aided on this quest by Nick Shade who was the son of a famed serial-killer and who had made it his life calling to hunt down serial-killers and bring them to justice. During their time bringing the Storyteller down Nick made Bobbie want to live again. On the flip side Bobbie also managed to prick a hole in Nick’s hardened heart and made him start to care – something he cannot afford to do not only because of his job but also because if his father found out he had a weakness he would exploit it.

The main story in this one is a killer is on the loose in Mongomery again and he is mirroring previous killers Nick has brought down. At first its believed its Bobbie the killer is taunting but as the story moves along its clear that is not the case and its Nick who is being played like a puppet.

We get more information about Nick’s father and his life as a serial-killer and I can certainly see one heck of a showdown coming in future books as his father is a very intelligent cunning killer. It was good to see Bobbie back in fighting form and by the end of this book she’s made the decision she is also going to fight for Nick whether he wants her to or not. I hope its not a long wait till the next book.

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