New Release and Review for Mark by Jessica Gadziala

Love and commitment might be great. You know, for my brothers. Not for me. But then, in a chance meeting, I came across her. Why was she different? I couldn’t say for sure. Maybe it was the fact that she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. Maybe it was the the sharp edges she wore like a shield that made me want to see what was beneath. Or maybe it had something to do with whatever secret she was trying so desperately to hide.
Love and commitment weren’t even in the realm of possibilities for me. My life had one purpose, one mission, and I couldn’t afford to let anyone get in the way. But then there was Mark Mallick – ladies man, loanshark enforcer, and very determined to know my secrets.
That was problematic any day, but especially so with him. Why? Maybe because the things he would offer me, the things he would show me were possibilities for me, could make me reevaluate the mission that had completely consumed the last ten years of my life.
But could I have those things? Could I escape the life I had been trapped in for so long? With Mark Mallick by my side, I was thinking maybe it was possible…

Mark by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These Mallick brother’s certainly find the most interesting women to fall in love with. As if Navesink Bank didnt already have enough crazy characters with the loanshark family of Mallik’s, the Henchmen MC, Italian mob, drug dealers, snipers, hired muscle, underground fighting, and Hailstorm, now it has a family of armed robbers. But as with all those other characters that walk a fine line with the law – this new family too are good people at heart..

Mark Mallik is one of 5 brothers. He’s the 2nd called in if someone doesnt pay up so he’s pretty laid back – enjoys working his construction company and lawn service business. When he is in a store that get robbed he becomes fascinated with a woman he thought was just an innocent bystander like him but turns out she was part of the crew.. This makes him even more fascinated with her.

Scotti and her 4 brothers started out in a good family but after their father dies and their mother a few years later because she couldn’t get healthcare from her big chain employer they decide to rob all the stores of that chain as payback. Ten years later has them in Navesink Bank where Scotti crosses path with Mark and we find out she’s tired of the life and would like nothing better than to be normal and go out with Mark but doesnt see how a loanshark enforcer and a wanted armed robber would ever work out.

When reading a new book from Jessica is not unusual for her to have some secondary characters we fall in love with and want their stories.. Normally its just 1 or 2 but man by the end of this book you want all 4 of Scotti’s brothers books added to the long list of future books you want written by her.

Something big went down in this book with another character that shall not be discussed but when we finally get that book it should be a doozy..

As always another great story from the Navesink Bank world… Keep em coming Jessica..

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