NOW AVAILABLE + Review for Vigilante by Jessica Gadziala

* A new stand-alone dark romance from bestselling author Jessica Gadziala. *
I’m a bad guy.
I do bad things.
But I do them for the right reasons.
That’s why I can sleep easy at night even with the smell of fresh blood still in my nostrils.
One more scumbag off the streets.
One more righting of a wrong.
That was all my life was about.
Until I came across her…

Vigilante by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a journey that started out dark and through every twist and turn in the story uncovered more darkness but at the same time a bright light also started forming in the darkness leading the way for an unconventional touching love story.

Luce is a man who has only ever known evil. From his parents to the men that do unspeakable acts against women and children. He is a vigilante that has taken it upon himself to get rid of those men.

Evangelina is a woman who was raised all over the world in an unconventional manner. Sheltered from the technology of the world but not from the atrocities done to people in third world countries. When her father is killed she decides to dip her toes into the vengeance realm and manages to get the upper hand on Luce.

This is where the light starts to enter both of their worlds. Luce – a man who has been emotionally shut down for most of his life starts to feel something when he is with Evan even though he is her prisoner at the start.

I loved both Luce and Evangelina so hard. These two grew so much together and filled in all the missing parts for each other. Her unconditional love for a man so scarred on both the inside and outside was beautiful and his love for her had his walls dropping and he was able to see that he could have more than just a life of a vigilante.

For Jessica series fans this book is loosely related to the Investigators series as Barrett Anderson has lots of page time along with a great bond with Evangelina’s macaw.



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