NEW RELEASE and Review for Hollow Scream by Morgan Hannah MacDonald

The small mountain town of Crescent Hollow has a serial killer, or is it three?
Women are being murdered in a grisly fashion. Now the killer has targeted one in particular and Wyatt Thomas has vowed to keep her safe.
Forensic Psychiatrist, Wyatt Thomas, has escaped the city to the quiet mountain town of Crescent Hollow to finish his latest book on serial killers. Cutting himself off from the outside world appears to be a great idea until his work follows him. A serial killer’s graveyard has been located nearby. As more and more bodies are unearthed there appears to be three separate MO’s. The mystery of which is more than he can resist.
Special Agents Annie Thomas and Blake Hayashi of The FBI’s Behavior Analyst Unit have been sent to The George Washington Jefferson National Forest to aid local law enforcement with a case. Either a serial killer has been active in the area for roughly fifty years or three killers are using the same dumping ground.
Seasoned Homicide Detective, Merrybell Montgomery, left her career in Philly to take care of her ailing husband in his hometown of Crescent Hollow, Virginia. Although he passed over a year ago, she’s remained in the picturesque town with no idea what to do with the rest of her life. Suddenly she finds herself stuck in the middle of a nightmare. She’s being stalked by a serial killer and has no idea what put her in his sights.
Now they must all work together to stop a killer or die trying.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: The main character in this book, Dr. Wyatt E. Thomas, is a forensic psychologist who delves into the disturbed minds of some of the most horrendous killers of all time. In as such, if you are sensitive or have a problem turning off the emotional side of your brain to view these studies in a clinical fashion please skip those parts – they are marked in italics. There are crimes against children and other details that could upset or offend some people. For those of you interested in reading the full biographies of the persons mentioned, you will find the books this information came from at the end of this story.

Hollow Scream by Morgan Hannah MacDonald
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By the end of Silent Scream your knowledge of every serial killer known to man will be greatly increased. The author blends real life info on famous serial killers to her fictional ones killing in the book.

Silent Scream has a large cast of characters. If you have read this series before you know each book features a Thomas sibling. Other than Wyatt, the main hero in this book, the others have all been in the law enforcement field. This book takes place in the small town of Crescent Hollow, Virginia which is surrounded by the George Washington Jefferson National Forest. Turns out a killer or two has been using it as their dumping ground for their victims.

Cast of Characters:
Wyatt Thomas is a forensic psychiatrist. Along with his day job he also writes non-fiction books on serial killers. He decides to take time off from work when he gets behind on a book deadline and heads to a cabin in the mountains of Crescent Hollow to finish. We get a glimps into each chapter he is writing which features real life killers and the dilemmas jurors face when they are brought to justice when the defense of not guilty by reason of insanity is used. Interesting stuff.. I would have to agree that most probably are insane but to make sure the “monster” is put away most juries choose to find not insane. While Wyatt is locked away in his cabin he is oblivious to what’s going on around him until he comes up for air and finds out multiple bodies have been found in the forest, that his FBI sister Annie and her partner Blake have been called to town and that Merrybell, a woman he connected with one night when he wandered out for food, has been attacked by the killer.

Merrybell Montgomery was a detective with the Philadelphia PD when her husband got terminal cancer. She decided to retire take him back to the town he grew up in so he would be surrounded by family. Its been 1 year since he died and she is still in Crescent Hollow working for her mother in law at her pastry shop. She is part of group of ladies that finds the first body parts and they sheriff who only has a crew of one asks her for help which unfortunately brings her under the radar of the killer.

FBI agent Annie Thomas and her partner Blake Hayashi. Annie was the main lead in the last book and is Wyatt’s sister. Annie and Blake are charged with putting all the clues together from victims which turns out spans from the 1960’s to current day. This begs the real question of is there more than one killer. They also work closely with forensic anthropologist Vivian Patel who is brought in to help identify when the victims were killed (which gives us a secondary romance between her and Blake).

This book is very explicit in describing the acts done to the victims (of real and the fiction ones from this book) but also about the sexual and physical abuse that most serial killers went through in their childhood that molded them into the killers they became. Lots of sick and interesting facts sprinkled through out the book.

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