New Release and Review for Tempting Fate by Pamela Clare

A woman with no roots…
Naomi fled the cult-like nightmare of her childhood and learned to rely on one person—herself. Her resourcefulness keeps her alive during a catastrophe in the mountains, but it’s no help at all when it comes to Chaska Belcourt, the sexy EMT who saves her life. Raised to feel shame about her body and sex, she is putty in Chaska’s hands as he strips away her armor, exposing the vulnerable woman beneath, awakening desires in her that she’d been taught to ignore.
A kiss that changes everything…
Chaska Belcourt grew up on the reservation, the son of a hereditary Sun Dance chief. He left all of that behind for a new life in Colorado as an engineer with an aerospace firm and a member of the elite Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. He doesn’t share his sister’s belief that fate led him to find Naomi. But from the first moment their lips touch, he can’t get enough of her.
A love that transforms…
As the passion between them turns into something more, Chaska is forced to admit that his sister is right. There’s no other way to explain the depth of his feelings for Naomi—or the fact that he and his people might hold the key to unraveling the mysteries of her past. But she will have to learn to trust again before the two of them can find the answers she needs—and claim this once-in-a-lifetime love.

Tempting Fate by Pamela Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A heart warming love story rich in Lakota customs and history.

As with most of this author’s books they come from the heart and her experiences. That always shines through in her writing. Chaska Belcourt and his sister Winona were raised as Lakotians. His grandfather being heavily into the old ways and his father a Sun Dance chief. He likes his heritage but he left the reservation and went to college and his sister soon followed. They both settled into Scarlet Springs where he is both a mechanical engineer and part of the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. It is while out on a hike that he and his sister come across a badly injured woman that turns out to be his half-side (matching female half)

Naomi Archer is a woman that has been running from her heritage since the day she was abandoned after her birth. She was adopted but religious fanatics who abused her causing her to run away at 16. She’s never known her true heritage and was made to believe it was something to be ashamed of by her adoptive parents. Years later she makes her own jewelry and has come to Colorado on vacation to take pictures of and draw animals for future pieces. Its while out in the woods alone that she crosses paths with two dangerous men who mean her harm. She manages to escape them but not before getting shot and injuring herself more. Its Chaska and his sister who come across her and set her rescue in motion.

There are a lot “come to terms” through this book. Chaska having to come to terms with Naomi being the one, Naomi having to overcome the insecurities her past instilled in her and eventually embracing her true heritage along with trusting her heart to Chaska.

A good love story rich in Native American culture which has always fascinated me.

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