New Release and Review for Perfect Fall by Autumn Jordon

Every team wants third baseman Hudson Mitchel for his skill on the field. Every woman wants him for his bad-boy looks and money. Every fan wants his jersey. And Sport’s World Magazine wants to label him their Sexiest Sports Idol. There’s not a part of Hudson’s life that doesn’t feel toxic. Burnt out, he walks away from intense contract negotiations, dodges the paparazzi, and assumes an identity as a photo journalist in a tiny Vermont village. The last thing he expects to encounter in Black Moose, Vermont is a female who possesses all the qualities he’s imagined in a life-partner. Unfortunately, she’s the only woman on earth not impressed by his charms. Each time he goes to bat, she shuts him out. It’s a good thing Hudson’s never been afraid of a challenge.
Managing her family’s golf course, planning her best friend’s wedding, and fending off the takeover of the town’s fall festival by a rich entrepreneur keeps Sileen Wright too busy to pursue her dreams. She’s even too occupied with other’s problems to notice the handsome guest in cabin twenty until she’s literally pinned under the adonis inside her pickup. The recluse chips his way into her dreams and is stealing her heart— until his identity is revealed. Knowing a fling with the hunky sports idol would only lead to misery, she calls the game.
It’s the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded, and the count is three and two. Will Hudson strike out with Sileen or hit the homerun of a lifetime?
Escaping from the world, the All-American-male falls for the girl-next-door who is determined to save the world. Special pre-order price.

Perfect Fall by Autumn Jordon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love is in the air again in Black Moose, Vermont. A man burnt out from his life as a famous baseball player and a woman who has her hands in many pots by helping run her family’s golf resort, planning her best friends wedding and also making sure that the town’s big source of income for the year – the Fall Festival – goes off without a hitch.

The stories in this series are all sweet, funny love stories of two unlikely people from different walks of life who meet at times in their lives when falling in love wouldn’t seem convenient but it turns out to be just what they need.

Hudson Mitchel has always wanted to play baseball from the time he was a little kid. His love of the game itself hasn’t changed but he has grown tired of the famous life and all that it brings with it. After hearing about small town in Vermont from a teammate he decides to escape his life for a while and hideout where no one knows who he is to contemplate his future. He never thought he’d find a woman that makes him think about a forever kind of love.

Sileen Wright grew up in Black Moose. She is passionate about her town and the people in it. She wears many hats in the town. One is helping her father run his golf resort which at times also includes chasing fighting moose off the greens. She also works at the courthouse and plays a big part in making sure the yearly Fall Festival goes off without a hitch. If all that wasn’t enough she is helping with the planning of her best friends wedding. With all that on her plate the last thing she was looking for was a romance with the new stranger in town staying at her resort but her attraction to him is strong and she’s having a hard time denying it.

Along with the romance we also get to see all of town’s people we’ve met in the previous books along with the previous couples which is always a treat. These stories are always fun to read and your guaranteed a great love story with a happy ending.

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