The Body Counter by Anne Frasier

From a New York Times bestselling author comes the chilling follow-up to the Thriller Award winner The Body Reader.
Months after discovering the mastermind behind her own kidnapping, Detective Jude Fontaine is dealing with the past the only way she knows how: by returning to every dark corner of it. But it’s a new, escalating series of mass slayings that has become her latest obsession at Homicide.
At first, Jude and her partner, Detective Uriah Ashby, can see no pattern to the seemingly random methods, the crime scenes, or the victims—until they’re approached by a brilliantly compulsive math professor. He believes that the madman’s next move is not incalculable; in fact, it’s all part of a sequential and ingenious numerical riddle. His theory is adding up. The body count is rising.
But when the latest victim is found in Jude’s apartment, the puzzle comes with a personal twist that’s going to test the breaking point of her already-fragile state of mind. For all she knows, her number may be up.

The Body Counter by Anne Frasier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Our two broken detectives are back with a dark and twisted tale of a killer using the Fibonacci sequence – the sequence goes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on.. So as you can imagine the body count – hence the title of the book – is pretty high in this suspenseful thriller. There are lots of twists and turns through out the book – both with the investigation and with the introduction to a new character who should make future books very interesting.

Homicide detective Jude Fontaine is still dealing with emotional trauma of past. One on hand she is a tough, motorcycle riding excellent detective – on the other hand she wakes up every night screaming from nightmares. The author chooses a very unorthodox way for Jude to deal with demons in this book but yet you can understand her reasoning.

Her partner Uriah Ashby is also still trying to get over the grief and guilt of his wife’s suicide. Even as hard as it is for him he is helping the community to start a new program for suicide prevention. He and Jude’s bond as friends and partners also grows stronger everyday. These two broken halves fit perfectly together and hold the other up when needed.

This author has a great voice in the suspense/thriller genre and I can’t wait to see where she is going to take these characters next and what twisted killer she will next have Jude and Uriah tracking down in future books.

If you haven’t read Book 1,  I recommend before reading The Body Counter

The Body Reader (Detective Jude Fontaine Mysteries #1)The Body Reader by Anne Frasier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well written Crime fiction story with very flawed leads but yet also with one of the most interesting heroine’s I’ve read in while.

Police detective Jude Fontaine has lived in hell for the past three years. Kidnapped, abused and tortured in a cold dank basement she had all but given into her fate until one day that same fate gave her the split second she needed to escape. But after what she had been through, once she gets back out into the real world part of her wonders if she wasnt better off in her little room that had been her prison for all those years.

Things I really liked about this book was Jude’s character. She was very unique. She had emancipated herself from her rich political family at 16 (for a very good reason). She went on to become a Homicide detective because she believes in justice due to the circumstances of the death of her mother. Pre-kidnapping she thought she had a great life with her job and a boyfriend thought she loved. Afterwards she sees that so much of her life had been fake. She now walks a fine line of being emotionally broken and a kickass women determined to not let past horror define her.

The other main character in the book is Detective Uriah Ashby (what a unique name). He became a homicide detective after Jude’s kidnapping so he never knew the woman she was before. Uriah has his own tragedy from his personal life that makes him almost as flawed as Jude is. But from the moment Uriah meets Jude, right after she escapes, he becomes her greatest supporter along with eventual partner (when the police department hires her back) and tries to help her acclimate back into the real world.

When bodies of young women start turning up Jude and Uriah’s investigation starts to unravel a long reaching conspiracy of missing girls with surprising tie backs to her own abduction.

The story flowed very well and this author has created some great unique characters but one thing that bugged me was the use of a too familiar trope on the who the kidnappers and killers were and the reveal/conclusion to that was a bit of a let down too. I still recommend this book as it was a very different read that did captivate you from the start.

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