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New Release and Review for Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

Every time Gwen closed her eyes, she saw him in her nightmares. Now her eyes are open, and he’s not going away.
Gwen Proctor won the battle to save her kids from her ex-husband, serial killer Melvin Royal, and his league of psychotic accomplices. But the war isn’t over. Not since Melvin broke out of prison. Not since she received a chilling text…
You’re not safe anywhere now.
Her refuge at Stillhouse Lake has become a trap. Gwen leaves her children in the protective custody of a fortified, well-armed neighbor. Now, with the help of Sam Cade, brother of one of Melvin’s victims, Gwen is going hunting. She’s learned how from one of the sickest killers alive.
But what she’s up against is beyond anything she feared—a sophisticated and savage mind game calculated to destroy her. As trust beyond her small circle of friends begins to vanish, Gwen has only fury and vengeance to believe in as she closes in on her prey. And sure as the night, one of them will die.

Killman Creek by Rachel Caine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The battle may have been won at Stillhouse Creek but the war is still to come and Gwen may lose it all, against the monster she was married to, at Killman Creek.

Holy angst. I thought everything Gina (Gwen) had gone through in the first book was horrible but her ex, serial killer Melvin Royal, and the Absalom put her through hell in this book.

Gina’s sanity is put on line when she loses the trust of everyone close to her including her children. Will she be able to find and kill the man that has ruined her life or will she sacrifice herself to keep them safe??

I hope this isn’t the last we see of Gina, Sam and her kids but if so it’s a satisfying ending for all…

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New Release and Review for The Fixer by Jessica Gadziala

There are a few things I don’t believe in. Like santa. An honest politician. And gut instincts.
That was, of course, until I woke up with one.
And I knew.
This was the day I was going to die.
The cops, thus far, have proven useless and uninterested in my issues. When you couldn’t get help from legal channels, what other choice did you have but to look elsewhere?
That was how I came across Quinton Baird.
A “fixer.”
Whatever the hell that was.
All I knew was, I had a problem that needed fixing.
Hopefully, before it killed me.
There were a few things I could put my faith to rest in. My team. People f*cking up, and needing my help. And my gut.
So when my receptionist informed me that the woman in a case I decided wasn’t my kind of job was having a ‘gut feeling’ about being in desperate need of help, yeah, I dragged my a** across town to check things out.
Not only did I not bank on the fact that she was in trouble beyond what I could have anticipated, but she was not what I was expecting either. Beautiful, resilient, and one hell of a distraction I didn’t need.
As the pieces of her case start falling together, I was left wondering if maybe this new, unfamiliar sensation in my gut was telling me that Aven was much more than just another name on a case file…

The Fixer by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a perfect gift right before Christmas.. A new series from an author I love.. Set in her Navesink Bank world she introduces us to The Fixers, a group of professionals that fix complicated problems for people. The company and team is run by Quinton Baird whose story is the introduction to the series.

The Fixers are comprised of 6 men and one woman who are all kick ass and each has a specialty they bring to the table. This was another start to a great series that combines action/suspense with romance and characters you can’t help but fall in love with.

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New Release and Review for Wolf Hunger by Paige Tyler

Wolf shifter and SWAT Officer Max Lowry falls hard for she-wolf Lana Mason, but things spiral out of control when wolf hunters track her down, and Max realizes Lana has no idea who–or what–she really is.
SWAT Series:
Hungry Like the Wolf (Book 1)
Wolf Trouble (Book 2)
In the Company of Wolves (Book 3)
To Love a Wolf (Book 4)
Wolf Unleashed (Book 5)
Wolf Hunt (Book 6)
Wolf Hunger (Book 7)

Wolf Hunger by Paige Tyler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first showdown between the Hunters and the Wolf Pack is finally here and its just the beginning of what is sure to be one heck of a war between the two.

Our hero is one of the younger members of the SWAT team – Max Lowry. Max’s transformation came after a tragic ending to domestic violence. Max being new to his wolf powers still doesn’t have complete control over them and his quick to anger over seeing any child abused. His first meeting with his “one” was interesting as he recognized her scent right away as his woman and a fellow wolf shifter  but she had no idea she was a shifter.

Lana Mason has just returned to Dallas after graduating from college. Her father is Deputy Chief Hal Mason who isn’t to happy that when his daughter starts going out with one of his SWAT officers.

Lots more Beta and Omega have showed in Dallas seeking protection with Gage and the Wolf Pack from the Hunters. What they don’t realize is they are already there and they want Lana.

Lots of surprises when it comes to the Hunters. The war is just beginning. The Wolf Pack is going to have to bring their A game to defeat them.

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New Release and Review for Luke’s Cut by Sarah McCarty

Hell’s Eight series features Texas Rangers from the time when rangers were more outlaw than law.


He’s the last bachelor standing among the men of Hell’s Eight, and he’ll settle for nothing less than passion…
Unencumbered by wife or family, Luke Bellen is the obvious member of Hell’s Eight to lead a treacherous trek across Comanche territory. But Luke suspects he will never know another minute’s peace when photographer Josey Kinder joins the wagon train. Whip-smart Josey has a voluptuous figure, a sunny disposition and a knack for getting into dangerous scrapes in pursuit of a perfect shot. She’s beyond maddening. Luke thinks Josey’s too young, too sweet to be despoiled by the rough life and hard-bitten land he loves.
But independent Josey won’t let any man—however commanding—decide what’s best for her. Beneath their playful banter is a powerful current of lust—pure, but not so simple. If only Luke weren’t so damned proper, he’d see that the years between them don’t matter a whit, not when a single touch can set them both ablaze. Josey’s hell-bent on keeping Luke in the picture…if the vengeful bandits on their trail don’t find them first.

Luke’s Cut by Sarah McCarty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A final return to the Western Frontier with the last man of the Hell’s Eight to finally find his woman.

Luke Bellen is feeling a bit nostalgic. Both for times past and a little envy that all of the men he went through hell with as children have all now found their mate and are settling down and starting families.

It’s due to this he agrees to accompany the woman that took them in and raised them to the Montoya Ranch to help with the delivering of Sam and Bella first child. As this requires traveling through Comanche territory a team of men are needed for protection. So along with men Sam sent from the Ranch, Tia and her husband Ed, and the surprise addition of photographer Josey Kinder the wagon train sets off.

One thing I’ve always through this author does beautifully is her descriptions of the wild west and a realistic view of how tough it was living in those days. The group encounter a storm and tornado along the way and when you’re out in the middle of the frontier there is no warning or even places to take shelter – you felt like you were experiencing it right along with the characters – intense and scary.

Luke and Josey (as with most of the Hell’s 8 couples) couldn’t be more different. That is another thing that has always set this series apart is how she can take two people from different walks of life – ethnicity, religion, tragic pasts – and make them work together.

I enjoyed this story and also getting to experience the birth (harrowing as it was) of Sam and Bella children.

My only hope as I finished this book – and its a big one – is that the author would do one more book bringing all the Hell’s Eight back together or at least giving us an update on all 8 couples. We got a glimpse of a few through this book but I would love a wrap up book. It’s been an incredible journey since first meeting Caine Allen and the men that make up Hell’s Eight.

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New Release and Review for Countdown (Cassidy & Spenser #5) by Carey Baldwin

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Except, the soon to be bride feels like things are going to well and feels the other shoe is going to drop soon and the groom makes a promise of everything is going to be fine – nothing to worry about. Caity’s premonition and Spenser’s unintentional jinx come true when they are witness to a bride and groom trying to kill each other with the bride getting away.
Now I give Spencer credit for trying to stay out of the investigation that Inspector Jacques Brousseau asks him and Caity to help with but that was not to be.
I really enjoyed this latest in the Cassidy & Spencer series. Both characters were much more laid back and the dialog between them light and full of love. They have become such a great team together both professionally and personally.
The investigation into the bride and groom was at times a comedy routine itself even though the matters were serious the whole book just had a light airy feel that was a joy to read.


New Release and Review for Catalyst by Rachel Grant

When a food storage depot in famine-struck South Sudan is torched, American aid worker Brie Stewart flees, only to land in a market where she’s the next item up for auction. Is the attack on the aid facility another assault upon the war-torn fledgling democracy, or has her family set her up as a pawn in their quest for oil rights?
Chief Warrant Officer Sebastian Ford crossed paths with Brie years ago when she was a shill for her family’s company, pushing a pipeline that threatened his tribe’s land. Determined to lead the rescue operation to save her, he won’t let her abduction—or the attraction that flares between them—get in the way of settling their unfinished business.
The Green Beret’s skills are put to the test in the flooded grasslands of South Sudan, where they must battle nature and dangerous factions who are after more than oil. Bastian and Brie put their hearts on the line as they find themselves embroiled in a conflict that extends beyond country and continent. Together they must douse the spark before it reaches the flashpoint and engulfs everything they hold dear.

Catalyst by Rachel Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Along with a great suspenseful story the author always gives us a great history lesson throughout the book. South Sudan has is a country full of violence and has been in a civil war since 2013. And if that isn’t bad enough first world countries are using and exploiting Africa over its oil fields.

Now you are probably wondering why I just gave you a history lesson. Well those two things – the civil war in South Sudan and foreign oil corporations exploiting Africa are the heart of this book.

Gabriella Prime was the daughter of the multi billionaire CEO of Prime Energy. She used to work for her father’s company until she washed her hands of her family and the company due to their unethical practices and changed her name to Brie Stewart. She is now and aid worker in South Sudan helping those that were displaced by the civil war. What she had no idea of is she is just a pawn for the CIA (Savannah James) and on the radar of evil Russians who want her for their own nefarious purposes.

Sebastian Ford has been stationed with his Army Special forces A Team in Djibouti. Sebastian is known as Bastian the bastard and he did play the roll well in the previous book but here we find out its a rather large chip he has on his shoulder from the wrongs that were done to his Native American tribe in the past with Gabriella and her family being at the top of his hate list. He is shocked to see her South Sudan and figures she is there for her family to steal their oil. He makes quite the ass of himself before Brie tells him she has cut all ties with her family and is there doing aid work.

And the action takes off from there.. Both Brei and Bastian had a world of past pain that sat on their shoulders that they needed to work through. Problem was, Brei though that her past was firmly behind her and she rudely finds out that is not the case.

Another page turner full of suspense and action and the next book should be explosive with the CIA agent and the Army guy who loathes her ways..

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New Release and Review for A Cold Dark Promise by Toni Anderson

A COLD DARK PROMISE takes place during the week leading up to the wedding of former assassin Alex Parker to FBI Agent Mallory Rooney, who meet and fall in love in the novel, A COLD DARK PLACE.
In the midst of wedding preparations, a shadowy figure from Alex Parker’s past reappears and threatens the joy he’s found with Mallory Rooney.
Four years ago, Jane Sanders’s rich and powerful ex-husband kidnapped their young daughter and Jane hasn’t seen her since. Now she finally has a lead on her location and she knows just the man to help her get her daughter back. Trouble is, he’s an assassin. And he terrifies her.
Despite his upcoming nuptials, Alex agrees to help, but it doesn’t take long for the routine operation to turn complicated—and deadly. Can the former CIA operative make it home in time to marry the woman he loves, or will his dark past destroy all hope for their future?

A Cold Dark Promise by Toni Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to smile as I was reading this thinking only this author would have a FBI/CIA/Interpol terrorist taken down in the middle of the book where 2 of her characters were finally tying the knot. This was a edge of your seat suspense that left you wondering if the groom was ever going to make it back alive for his wedding.

Fans of the series should love this one.. Alex Parker and Mallory – the two who started this series – are just days away from saying I DO. Mallory is also pregnant and emotional. Alex is asked by a acquaintance from his past to help her get her daughter back from her rich Saudi ex who stole her 4 years ago. He has recently turned up on a yacht in the French Riviera with the daughter in tow. Alex doesn’t want to do the favor but surprisingly it’s Mallory who convinces him to. Alex knows something more sinister is up when he spots known arms dealers and terrorist coming and going from the yacht once he gets there..

Things get nuts from there…. Loved this crazy ride with a great wedding at the end…

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