New Release and Review for Good Little Girls by Rita Herron

Fear becomes a woman’s greatest weapon in a heart-pounding novel of suspense from the USA Today bestselling author of Pretty Little Killers.
Tinsley Jensen survived the torturous clutches of an elusive masked killer dubbed the Skull, only to be held hostage by her nightmares. She’s terrified of leaving her cottage on Seahawk Island, knowing that the madman is still out there. FBI special agent Wyatt Camden knows it too. He may have rescued Tinsley, but her captor got away. Now he’s driven by guilt, the need for vengeance, and the desire to protect—at any cost—the woman he’s come to love.
Too paranoid to deal with the police, the media, and her sister, Tinsley finds solace in an online support group. She’s too broken to let even Wyatt into her life. But when the threats against Tinsley escalate and her friend disappears, Tinsley is forced out of her self-imposed seclusion to finally face her fears. Wyatt is the only man she can trust to help her, and to save a killer’s latest catch. Now, Wyatt just wants to finish the job he started.
But that’s all the Skull wants too.

Good Little Girls by Rita Herron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whew.. Now that was a suspenseful book… If I suffered from anxiety I’d need a pill after that.. FYI.. This is NOT a standalone book. You need to have read the first one.

Man where to start.. Tinsley Jensen is the sole survivor of the serial killer known as the Skull. Since her escape she has been a shut in from fear since he escaped capture.

FBI Agent Wyatt Camden was one of the agents that was on her case when she went missing and was the one that rescued her but was almost gravely injured by the Skull. Now fully recovered he still feels a sense of guilt that they were unable to capture the Skull and keeps in close contact with Tinsley even though she skittish around people, especially men.

The 1st anniversary of when Tinsley was taken is coming up and everyone is on edge knowing that the Skull is probably going to come back and take her. This right here is when your anxiety levels start going up.. Not going to give too much away but the author did a spectacular job with the build up that was also accompanied by other side plots that were just as thrilling.

I cannot wait to see what’s next in this insane series..

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Pretty Little Killers (The Keepers #1)Pretty Little Killers by Rita Herron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jam-packed suspense with multiple plot threads full of serial killers, rapist, child molesters and the victims. The cherry on top of that is there is a vigilante killer brutally killing the sickos..

The two FBI agents leading the search have emotionally scarring pasts both separately and together. They try to keep their pasts out of the investigation but that turns out to be impossible.

FBI Agent Hatcher McGee wife was murdered by serial killers the Skull. He was separated from her at the time, heading for divorce, but the guilt eats at him that he wasn’t there in time to save her or his partner Wyatt Camden from getting serious injured.

FBI rookie Korine Davenport witnessed her father’s death when she was just 5. Since then she has always wanted to catch the person that killed him. She went into law enforcement eventually applying for the FBI. One of her instructors was Hatcher and one night of passion between them left tons of emotional scars for different reasons for each of them. Since their boss doesn’t know about their history he thinks nothing of teaming them together to try and find the vigilante killer which makes for a very uncomfortable partnership between them.

Along with the person issues of Hatcher and Korine and their search for a killer, there is also the group of women who call themselves The Keepers. These are women in predominant professions who want justice for women who were victims of heinous crimes. Question is are they the ones killing or is there someone else exacting revenge. Also in the midst of the madness is the hunt for a serial rapist. His victims also play a part through the book.

There was a lot going on in this book from the first page to the last that concludes with a shocking revelation. I am curious as to where this series will go with future books. Cant wait to see what the next one is about.

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